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Henrik Lundqvist opts for chrome-based lid for Winter Classic design

Henrik Lundqvist opts for chrome-based lid for Winter Classic design

Henrik Lundqvist is a creature of habit.

His mask has carried a handful of similar themes and elements through the years, with a Statue of Liberty-inspired crown and a blue cage on the majority of his designs dating back over the last decade.

For the Winter Classic, though, the King himself will debut a totally new concept – and it’s pretty excellent for a snowy, frozen mask debut:

The design is another work by Lundqvist’s long-time mask artist Dave Gunnarsson of DaveArt, who created both his mask and backup Ondrej Pavelec’s for the outdoor game on New Year’s Day.

Lundqvist himself revealed the mask on New Year’s Eve, explaining why it looks like it does this time around:

“For a few years I’ve been going with the blue base and blue cage,” Lundqvist wrote, via Instagram. 

@daveart told me about the new technology he uses for chrome, thats the new look I’m going for now… Hope you guys like it. Kept this one pretty simple, a little Mets a little NYR.”

As always, Lady Liberty watches over the Rangers from her perch on the mask, this time fading a bit into the background alongside the New York skyline – giving you the impression you’re looking at things from Citi Field out in Queens. It’s the design used in the Winter Classic logo, brought to life on the sides of the mask for the Rangers starter.

The team’s Winter Classic coloring is also featured, giving the far superior Navy Blue and red theme to the patch logo that will be featured on the sweaters – and for the mask, sits atop everything.

There’s a little bit of holographic magic woven into parts of the design, but it’s overall a simpler concept than many of Lundqvist’s previous masks – and we certainly don’t hate it.

The Rangers will face off against the Buffalo Sabres on New Year’s Day at Citi Field in Queens.

To check out more of Gunnarsson’s excellent work, head to his official websiteTwitter account, or Facebook page

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