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Henrik Lundqvist’s 2011-2012 New York Rangers Goalie Mask

Henrik Lundqvist’s 2011-2012 New York Rangers Goalie Mask

Dave Gunnarsson of has always created Henrik Lundqvist’s helmet art and this year has just unveiled the newest iteration of the iconic look her first designed for King Henrik.

As Gunarsson writes,

I have painted for Lundqvist for more than 13 years now and it’s so much fun and creative. It’s been a fantastic journey to follow Henrik from the time as a junior in Frölunda to the super star in NHL that he is today. Together Henrik and I have created and developed his own so characteristic mask look with clear colors, strong contrasts and nice 3-D effects. Designs that create trends. Designs that are perfectly visible from a long distance, but also feature an ocean of detail work when you look more close.

Lundqvist Rangers Goalie Mask

As you can see in this game shot from last season, the new helmet has little to set it apart from the 2010-1011 version – the biggest change being a significant addition of glitter and a change in colour on the chin.


The Statue of Liberty, Henrik’s signum on his masks, is placed on one side of the mask, accompanied by Henrik’s own logo on the other. Together they create a graphic king’s crown that gives the mask it’s theme and name. All spiced up with a maximum of bling bling glitter with DAVEART XXFX Glitter. The blue base lifts the glitter to a new level. The extreme detail work and depth effects are obvious, just like the lightning bolts that Henrik has had on his masks since his time in Frölunda in Sweden.


Lundqvist Rangers Goalie Mask

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  1. Matt

    I really like how Lundqvist has always kept with a simple design. A change here, a change there, but still very simple and artistically creative.

  2. Danny

    I agree, love Lundqvist’s helmets. Daveart is the one of, if not the best mask painter around.

  3. JS

    Nah … it a fail !
    The only 2 things that I like about King Henrik its is pads and how good he is in front of the net !

  4. IrbesGoaliePads

    The electricity effect is lame.. would rather see a simple single colour or a fading colour. Pretty decent though, nice and simple. Plus always like the Lady Liberty NYR logo.

  5. Denis

    Looks like s—.

    Last place rangers.

  6. maria

    I love the new mask! The glitter gives it a more 3D effect and makes the Statue of Liberty POP more on the DEEP BLUE BACKGROUND!

  7. NovaLee

    Who are the pictures of on the left side of Lundquist’s mask ?