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Howard Adds “Ghost Stripes” to Classic Red Wings Design

Howard Adds “Ghost Stripes” to Classic Red Wings Design

Howard TopAccording to artist Ray Bishop, Jimmy Howard wanted a clean, classic design that could be seen easily from the stands in Joe Louis Arena and from fans watching on their television. Well, mission accomplished. Howard and Bishop have worked together for years, and their newest collaboration is certainly one for the ages. Howard is returning healthy to camp after a season filled with nagging injuries and with a new season comes a brand new mask. This one is a beauty.

Speaking with InGoal Magazine, Bishop explained that Howard “wanted to go with something clean, classic, and BOLD this year… a classic Detroit Red Wings feel to it.” One look at Howard’s new helmet and we’re sure he and the rest of the Hockeytown, USA fans will be pleased with the final result. The left and right sides of the mask are identical, displaying two large Red Wings logos that meet in the middle of the chin. The new Vaughn mask by Pro’s Choice also has a few more subtle details mixed in.

While the large winged wheels synonymous with Detroit hockey dominate the sides of the mask, Bishop added in some “Ghost” stripes and details “to sweeten the deal and personalize it a bit more for him (Howard).” Along with Howard’s number 35 in a classic font on the chin, there are some sweet graphics that are unique to Howard and the Red Wings franchise. The 1926, the year of inception for the Red Wings, might be obvious, but if you look above the old calligraphic “D” logo on top of the mask, you can see some faint racing stripes. Any fan of Jimmy Howard knows that he has paid tribute to the Motor City in the past, and while it’s not a Ford Mustang, we think it’s a great nod to the passion and history of Detroit.

On the back of Howard’s mask, a crest depicting an American flag, the motto “Let’s Roll”, and the initials of his two sons accompanied by two rampant lions. Underneath all that, and against a brick wall background, the nickname “Howie” is sprawled out in similar “ghost” fashion to the 1926 written on the top of the mask.

While Howard was nagged by injuries at times last year, the Syracuse, NY native still played a respectable 51 games. While not necessarily impacting Howard’s workload, the injuries may have affected his play. The Red Wings did make the playoffs for a 23rd straight year, but Howard went 21-19-11 with a .910 SV% and a 2.66 GAA. While it was admittedly not a strong season from Howard, he was still named to the US Olympic team that traveled to Sochi. In three playoff games last year, Howard went 1-2 with a .931 SV% and a 2.02 GAA before the flu caused him to miss the final two games of a first round exit at the hands of the Boston Bruins.

Howard is sure to be back this year with a vengeance, and he’s got an awesome new mask to begin the season. Regarding the new design, Bishop added that Howard “LOVES it, and I am truly grateful and excited about that!” So are we!

Ray Bishop is the major creative force at Bishop Designs and has worked with Howard in the past, creating the aforementioned Mustang mask, as well as Howard’s Olympic Stars and Stripes mask and an awesome Breast Cancer Awareness mask. You can visit Bishop Design’s website, follow Ray and Co. on Twitter and/or Instagram, and Like his Facebook page. You can also see the rest of Jimmy Howard’s new mask below!

Howard Top

Howard Right

Howard Left

Howard Right Back

Howard Left Back

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  1. Vaytch

    VERY classy !!! I love it !

  2. Matthew Schnoes

    The wings on the chin remind me of Vernon’s old mask from the 19997 season which is great! Not sure I’m a fan of the old english d on the top though.

  3. omar

    awesome howard is one of my top 5 goalies ever

  4. B

    The best part is his continued use of “Let’s Roll” honoring the the 9-11 passengers that lost their life launching the first counter-attack on terrorists that day.