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Howard Fights Cancer With New Pink Wings Mask

Howard Fights Cancer With New Pink Wings Mask

If you’re a sports fan, you see it every October. In the NFL, it’s wristbands and bandanas. In the NHL, team Twitter avatars. All around the world, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the famous pink ribbon usually makes an appearance among prominent sporting events. Well, Jimmy Howard has once again gone above and beyond with this awesome new mask design. Working with Ray Bishop of Bishop Designs, Howard has created a spectacular new mask that is sure to catch the eye of anyone watching. It’s a great gesture by the Red Wings goalie and one he’s made before. He’ll be wearing the mask this evening as Detroit takes on the Pittsburgh Penguins on Hockey Fights Cancer Night.

Bishop has essentially taken Howard’s current Red Wings mask and “pinked” it up. In the background of the mask, small pink ribbons are everywhere and show support for the fight to cure cancer. The top of the mask is a little different, with a smaller Old English ‘D’ inset against a larger pink ribbon.

Two huge winged wheels adorn the sides of the mask, as Howard’s number 35 rests on the chin of the Vaughn mask made by Pro’s Choice. Instead of the Red Wings’ year of inception on the top of the mask, Howard opted for a simple, but effective message: “Hockey Fights Cancer”. On the backplate of the mask, a smaller pink ribbon with a chrome finish sits just above a cursive “Howie”, the netminder’s nickname.

As we mentioned, this isn’t the first time Howard has put on pink for the cause. Last year, Howard had another Hockey Fights Cancer mask painted by Bishop, and even had some new pads commissioned. It sounds like he’ll be bringing the pads back tonight, so keep your eye out!

Howard and the Wings have started out the season well, with 3-1-2 record. Jimmy Howard has started 5 of those 6 games and has played very well thus far. Going 2-1-2, and posting a .937 SV% and a 1.77 GAA, Detroit fans are hoping Howard is on his way to another great season. Last year was a tough one for the Syracuse native, as he struggled with nagging injuries and consistency when he was in the net. So far, so good for the American Olympian, and he’s doing his part to show support for the fight against cancer!

Ray Bishop designed and painted Howard’s current mask, along with his previous Hockey Fights Cancer mask. You can visit Bishop Design’s website, follow Ray and Co. on Twitter and/or Instagram, and Like his Facebook page. You can also see the rest of Jimmy Howard’s new mask below!

Howie HFC 9

Howie HFC 8

Howie HFC 7

Howie HFC 6

Howie HFC 5

Howie HFC 4

Howie HFC 3

Howie HFC 2

Howie HFC 1

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