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Humboldt goaltender Dane Dow honors deceased players with new mask

Humboldt goaltender Dane Dow honors deceased players with new mask

The Humboldt Broncos have a new goaltender for the upcoming 2018-19 SJHL season in 19-year-old Dane Dow, dealt from the AJHL’s Drumheller Dragons to the Saskatchewan-based program in late June.

Dow, like the majority of the players skating for Humboldt this coming season, will be new to the team. But when he approached mask artist Morgen Schinnour to come up with his mask design for the new year, the pair came up with a gorgeous design to honor last year’s team and keep them on the ice for the coming season.

Schinnour explained to InGoal that she had done Dow’s mask for the Dragons last year, which had already been a special design for her; Drumheller is her home town, so the whimsical, nostalgic pond hockey theme of that mask had some personal meaning.

Knowing he wouldn’t be returning to the Dragons, though, the pair had been waiting to see where Dow would get traded before they came up with his design for the new year.

Once they knew he was headed to Humboldt, the design quickly fell into place.

“I had plans to do [a tribute mask] and send it to the team,” Schinnour wrote, “but once I saw how many people were doing them (for example, David Gunnarsson of DaveArt did one to be sent to the team, from the Capitals I think) I decided to pull back. So I was extremely honored that Dane stuck with me to help him bring this beautiful tribute to life!”

Dow gave Schinnour a few specifics that he wanted ahead of time. His last name would go on the chin, the “H” Broncos logo would go on top, and the gold-and-green ribbon to honor the team’s lost players from their bus crash this spring would be another main component.

Keeping things simple, Schinnour made those the main components; on the surface, it’s a simple but well-laid out design with the 16 crash victims kept in mind.

When you look closer, though, she used a pearl paint to truly make sure the team’s guardian players would be there. Take a look:

“The biggest component of the design,” she explained, “is the ghosted names of all the victims hidden in the background, as well as Humboldt Strong hidden in the top yellow stripe. I chose to do the names in a pearl paint to give it that ghosted look, because we know that they will always be a part of the team – even if they are not physically there anymore.”

The concept of holographic designs, fleeting in their visibility but powerful in their ability to add an extra dimension to the layout, has become increasingly popular on masks in the last few seasons.

For this mask, though, it’s not just about looking flashy or cool; the names may not crowd the lid when you glance there at first, but they’re everywhere when you take a second look.

Schinnour boasts a formal education in graphic communications and print technology from SAIT in Calgary, Alberta, where she honed a passion she discovered when looking to get her own mask painted as a rec player in Drumheller back in 2007. It shows in her layout of Dow’s mask, which looks like a simple, classic jersey at first glance and boasts depths through the pearl paint.

While she’d hoped to put those talents to use creating a commemorative mask for the Broncos, though, this seems like an even better way to pay tribute to the team and their community. Now, with every start, Dow can carry the team’s most important names onto the ice for a full 60 minutes.

To check out more of Schinnour’s work, you can visit her official website, Instagram account or Twitter. 

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