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Ilya Bryzgalov’s New Mask by Drummond Custom Airbrush

Ilya Bryzgalov’s New Mask by Drummond Custom Airbrush


InGoal’s Scott Slingsby was on hand to grab these game shots of Bryz’ new mask.

Bryzgalov Flyers Mask


Bryzgalov Flyers Mask
Bryzgalov Flyers Mask
As promised in our sneak peak a few days ago, Drummond Custom Airbrush has provided detailed photos of the mask they just finished for Philadelphia’s Ilya Bryzgalov. It was brought to our attention when we published photos of a Flyers mask painted for him by Bryzgalov’s longtime artist Stephane Bergeron.

One thing is for certain – this patriotic mask is Drummond’s finest work. Thanks to Drummond for providing the shots to InGoal – please take a moment to visit their site and see more of their great work.

We’ll update this more soon, but for now here they are “hot off the press.”

What are your thoughts? Hit the comments below and let everyone know. And if you’d like to sees few shots with someone who is sure to make the mask look much nicer than Bryz – check out the shoot with @puckducky

Bryzgalov Flyers Mask by Drummond





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  1. Carol

    I LOVE IT!! Beautifully done, and makes me feel all patriotic. ;o)

  2. eric


  3. DinkusMaximus

    Great job with this one. I wasn’t looking forward to this one as mentioned in the Griffe thread because of Drummonds over use of “outer glow” and everything turning to mud from more then 3 ft away. Glad to see he dropped the outer glow and aspects of this one will look great on TV and in the stands. Execution on this one is beautiful.

    Ryan: I’ve had that Burke mask in my hands and it was one of my favs as well. This one is beautiful too. There are pix of the sides up on the Flyers facebook page.

  4. Danny

    Good looking mask indeed, lot of “Brotherly Love” on this one. Love the top of the mask.

  5. Mark

    It’s interesting. But I’m not thrilled about it. I thought it
    Would be tougher.

  6. bigpapaT

    Now that’s what I’m talkin bout!

  7. Carlos

    Very nice work. That art work is definitely worthy to b on bryzgalovs head. Both r going to b huge for years to come. Bout time someone expresses the try Philly on a goal mask.

  8. IrbesGoaliePads

    Not being from Philly or the states I probably dont appreciate this one as much as other people. But all the same.. it screams class, well done Bryz.