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Giguere Becomes a Yeti in New Avalanche Mask

Giguere Becomes a Yeti in New Avalanche Mask

Colorado J-S Giguere Goalie MaskJean Sebastien Giguere will channel his inner Yeti whenever the Colorado Avalanche wear their third jerseys this season.

Giguere debuted the new Yeti-themed CCM mask at the Reebok CCM Goalie Summit in Montreal, and shared some of the thought process that went into designing it with InGoal Magazine.

Painted by artist Sylvie Poitras of Airbrush Zap, who also did Martin Brodeur’s new mask featuring his bulldogs, Stanley and Vezina, Giguere has gone back to the concept of truly putting on another face with his new mask, with the Yeti’s ferocious jawline where his own would be, and long white hair flowing back over ears painted over his own.

“I am the Yeti,” Giguere said. “It’s a new design, a new look, and a new painter to go with our third jerseys, so I will wear it in practice and with the third jersey. It’s a good look, very simple and I like it. It was my wife’s idea.”

Unfortunately Giguere forgot to include his wife, Kristen, on a backplate that features his own nickname below the initials of his three sons, Maxime-Olivier, Luka-Claude and Felix Jack Austin, who was born in the summer of 2013.

“Yeah, I probably should have put my wife on there,” Giguere said with a laugh.

Giguere was also smiling about the offseason moves to bring in his boyhood idol, Patrick Roy, as Colorado’s new head coach, and his subsequent hiring of their mutual long-time goalie coach, Francois Allaire. Look for more of Giguere’s thoughts on both hirings, and the specific impact Allaire can have on playing partner Semyon Varlamov, who was recently in Montreal for two weeks to work with them on the ice – as well as more insights into the new Lefevre-designed CCM mask Giguere, Jonathan Bernier, Corey Crawford and Marc-Andre Fleury were all wearing at the Reebok CCM Goalie Summit this week – in future articles here at InGoal.

Also, don’t forget to check out more great artwork from Poitras on her website at In the meantime, enjoy the images of her new mask for Giguere (all rights reserved):

Jean Sebastien Giguere Avalanche 3rd Jersery Mask-1

Jean Sebastien Giguere Avalanche 3rd Jersery Mask-2

Jean Sebastien Giguere Avalanche 3rd Jersery Mask-3

Jean Sebastien Giguere Avalanche 3rd Jersery Mask-4

Colorado J-S Giguere Goalie Mask


Colorado J-S Giguere Goalie Mask

Colorado J-S Giguere Goalie Mask


Colorado J-S Giguere Goalie Mask

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  1. Matt

    I’m curious as to whether his regular mask will also be the new CCM Pro or will he continue with his usual Protechsport? Anyway, I’ll also be curious to see if Fleury and Crawford keep their CCM masks or return to their Bauers that they have worn all their careers. I know this is just about marketing, but still, I’m curious.

  2. CLem

    So Protech is not making these CCM masks then?

  3. John Everdon

    It’z cool but a bit…vague…no teeth on top?, and where are the eyes. It’z like Potvin’z ‘Cat’ mask – I could never see a cat, ha.

    • Jimeb

      Nice mask. If he puts on war paint so his face blends into the design to complete the yeti would be totally awesome. I actually like the fact he doesnt have eyes on the top of the mask and using own face/eyes.

    • mikew

      Regarding Potvin’s mask, I thought it was just me. I never could never vision a cat with the design he had.

  4. Eldridge

    I like how he incorporated his own face as part of the Yeti look.

  5. Chris

    It’s no cujo mask. Cool idea, but you really can’t tell what it is without being told, and even then it’s hard to really make it out. Shame.

  6. Kevin

    Would have been awesome to have a look at the new P5’s 😉

  7. Dpug

    Don’t like it at all. Can’t tell what the heck it is except for an ear. And what is that above the ear and on top of his head. Is that suppose to be metal, for what. And having his face as part of the design, yes if he halloweened it up with face paint to blend in. Sorry jiggy but you and your mask is hang it up. Its time

  8. Calhoun

    Nope, not quite Jiggy.. Please try again, I’m sure that somewhere there is a promising artist, their airbrush at the ready that could really make that Yeti thing happen!

  9. iceword77

    I like it – dig that he is part of the look of the mask. colors are awesome. go get ’em jiggy!

  10. Donna G

    It’s awesome!! Now, if we could just get the Yeti mascot back and send that silly looking dog packing!

  11. Pierre

    Hi Matt, you don’t know what you’re talking about.
    The CCM mask is built by an aircraft engineer with new technology. It is 30% lighter and lot stronger than the other one…