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J.S. Giguere’s New Colorado Avalanche Mask

J.S. Giguere’s New Colorado Avalanche Mask


Giggy’s new Avs mask was leaked on the internet yesterday much to the surprise of the artist, F-X Allaire, who also happens to be the son of Giguere’s long-time goaltending guru, Francois Allaire, now working for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

F-X sent us some images this evening and a bit of background about the mask. In his words:

Anyway, we decided to go with a very old shcool design to give it a 70’s look that matches the 3rd jersey! Its basicaly two red stripes and a blue background with the rockies. I think it really brings out the old designs that were painted on early masks in the league.

Check out F-X and his work at

Giggy wears Reebok-branded lids and Michel Lefebvre typically pads and cages them before sending them on to Giggy. His  shells are made by Michel Doganori of Protechsport masks.

What do you think? Hit us up in the comments below…and go visit who first unveiled the mask to the internet.


Giguere Colorado Avalanche goalie mask with back plate by F-X Allaire


Giguere Colorado Avalanche goalie mask by F-X Allaire

Giguere Colorado Avalanche goalie mask by F-X Allaire

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  1. Sven Kowalik

    It’s not the best I’ve ever seen but it’s okay. Really simple.

  2. Alexander Thermos


    Reminds me of a Mask from ‘another’ Goalie who was thought to be ‘washed-up’ until he got to Colorado . . . and they then got a Stanley Cup his first year there . . .

    Not expecting that out of Jiggy, but he WILL make a difference in Colorado. We’ll be rooting him on from our transplanted home now in California.

    • M.C.

      What? There were absolutely zero people who thought Roy was “washed up” when he went to Colorado. He was in a dispute with the Canadiens, nothing more. Washed up? There were probably 20 GMs on the phone trying to get Roy after his public blow up with Montreal.

  3. Nick H.

    I agree with Sven … it’s okay, but not worth writing home about.

    I would’ve liked to have seen something a little more original. The mountains seem borrowed from Roy’s and are missing some ‘pop’ and the diagonal striping looks like what Craig Anderson had on his mask (only his said Avalanche).

  4. 25stanley

    Thanks for the Hat-Tip guys! Keep up the great coverage on goalie news!

  5. Danny

    I really like it a ton. It’s SIMPLE and captures the essence of the colorado jersey and color scheme. Especially the 3rd jersey. Great lines, easily seen from the rafters in “the can” where it seems I always sit. Though the mountains kinda remind me of a Coors light can. Can’t wait for Varly’s now.

  6. Braden Lunn

    ahhh Alexander Thermos are you actually an avalanche/hockey fan or do you just base your hockey knowledge off of EA Sports latest video game….Colorado have won two Stanley cups both of which Roy was in net for…Patrick Roy was not washed up when he left Montreal if that is what you are referring too…he had a fight with the team and demanded a trade

  7. IrbesGoaliePads

    The coach and Roy hated each other in MTL, culminated in him leaving Patrick in the net for about 8 or 9 goals one night, HE WOULDNT PULL HIM! LOL! Then when he finally took him out, Roy said, “THIS WAS MY LAST GAME IN MONTREAL!” And walked off the bench, it was..

    Love the mask though, much like Biron’s. Very nice, somewhat vintage, clean.

  8. Todd

    Just wanted to note that it’s Michel Doganiere at protechsports. Not Doganori. Great guy, unbelievably reasonable prices for the quality of work he does. I know because my son is in a custom fit mask based on one of the Giguere mask molds Michel has.