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J.S. Giguere’s New Toronto Maple Leafs Mask

Update March 14 – Giggy has changed his look again – and we have shots of the new mask

Artist FX (François-Xavier) Allaire Creates Bold “Ice Age” Look for Giguere in Toronto

Goalie MAsk Artist Francois-Xavier Allaire FX Allaire has been an airbrush artist since he was 14. Last year he opened a business in Mirabel, QC. He is working largely with European goalies and his business is growing – but he has had one all-star client for wsome time now. Allaire did Giguere’s last mask in Anaheim and was quickly commissioned to do a new one when Brian Burke acquired Allaire Giguere for the Leafs recently.

FX sent me a few words about the new design recently.

“Each goalie is different, sometimes a two minute chat can lead to a design idea. Some guys are more picky and want something in particular that is meaningful to them. J.S. Giguere always wants a simple bold design that represents his devotion to his team.”

“For Giggy’s mask I had a short talk with him and we discussed a design concept. Since he has been working with me for a few years for his designs he trusts me with the final result. He told me he wanted something white and blue to finish the season with. I thought of doing a “Ice Age movie” theme with big bold letters in ice and ice cracked all over the mask. On the sides you can see the city of Toronto all frozen with ice on the CN tower. On the chin his number received the same treatment with icy bold numbers. On both sides of the chin there are two half Canadian flags, one red and one blue to represent the Maple leafs logo “leafs nation”. On the back plate I painted his son’s initials.”

Please take a few minutes to visit FX’s web site – and if you’re in Mirabel, look him up to discuss your next design.

Giguere New Leafs Goalie Mask

Giguere Leafs Goalie Mask

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  1. Scott

    I like the design. Is he related to Francois Allaire?

  2. Desb

    yes. its son.

  3. steven

    its his son!

  4. mike

    Typo in the article, Toronto acquired Giguere. not “when Brian Burke acquired Allaire for the Leafs recently.”

  5. dee

    This mask is unique and different. I like it alot. Excellent job! Keep up the good work! You can paint my welding mask like this…haha

  6. Ben J

    What an amazing mask.

  7. Sandra Sbrega


  8. Rob

    This mask is just terrible. It looks like it was slapped together in a day. Compared to the high quality of Giggy’s Ducks mask I wouldn’t be proud of this one if I was Allaire!

  9. W.Zürrer

    this mask is nice and cool.i would like taht mask too

  10. Blaine

    Unique look, but the mask he is wearing is a different design, with some leafs in the center and on the sides. the color is great, and this mask is pretty good too

  11. sam macphee

    giguere sucks


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