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Jacob Markstrom puts new twist on throwback style mask

Jacob Markstrom puts new twist on throwback style mask

Jacob Markstrom spent his first few years as a member of the Vancouver Canucks donning an orca-inspired lid from David Gunnarsson of DaveArt.

Last year, though, he decided to mix it up a bit. He donned a new design, inspired by the original goaltending masks that long went out of style for practicality purposes.

The design was a hit; he and Gunnarsson turned his full-head mask into the exposed head and ears of a man wearing the faceplate first made popular by Jacques Plante.

Now, he’s bringing that design back once again:

Gunnarsson posted the design on Instagram on Tuesday, introducing a new color scheme (and a few new details only visible up close).

“Jacob Markstrom’s new Canucks mask is here???,” Gunnarsson wrote. “It was such a pleasure to paint his latest chapter which is a direct continuation based on his previous masks.”

The mask shows a battered, cracked old-style mask with a subtle white cage on the Bauer lid, boasting a sketched-on Canucks logo on each side and Markstrom’s number on the old mask’s chin.

As with most of Gunnarsson’s new creations this year, the mask features his new HoloSphere FX paint, boasting subtle (but very cool) holographic orcas along the green accents on the actual mask’s chin. It’s an excellent way to incorporate the new concept on classicly-inspired design. Take a look:

The new mask is a clear sign that Markstrom enjoyed the mask concept he and Gunnarsson came up with last year – so while his Orca lids were decidedly fun to look at, it appears we may not be seeing that concept again for a while.

You can find more of Gunnarsson’s work on his websiteTwitter feedFacebook page and Instagram account.

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  1. Clay

    This “retro” design has been done before. Carey Price, Steve Shields, to name a few have all sported masks that replicate the face mask era.