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Jake Oettinger combines vintage and modern concepts with patriotic mask and gear

Jake Oettinger combines vintage and modern concepts with patriotic mask and gear

Jake Oettinger didn’t get a chance to skate out for Team USA on the road to their 2017 U20 World Juniors gold medal last season.

This year, though, he’s back in the fold for the defending champs – and with some dazzling gear from head to toe.

He serves as a prototype of the new digiprint gear from Bauer with a new 2S Pro setup, showing fans exactly what they’ll be able to do with their gear once 2018 rolls around.

His star-spangled pads are certainly eye-catching for his audience, and they go perfectly with the Team USA color scheme (which, unlike the nation’s soccer kits, are in true American shades of red, white, and blue).

He really takes his patriotic dressing to the next level, though, with an iconic mask.

While his pads are clean-cut and digital, his mask is a vintage-inspired, sketch-centric masterpiece from Dave Gunnarsson of DaveArt. The design brings the American flag to yet another piece of his equipment, and adds one of the country’s most iconic patriot figureheads in Uncle Sam:

“We wanted it to look old school and modern at the same time,” Gunnarsson wrote, via Instagram, “with some subtle vintage effects, and also a sketch style in the details.”

Sure enough, the mask has a half-finished quality to Uncle Sam, who points out at Oettinger’s opponents as he rises up from the stars to a red-and-white striped backdrop.

It’s one of Gunnarsson’s simpler mask designs, boasting just Uncle Sam and the American flag, but the devil really is in the details; despite a lack of crowded graphics and subtle underlays, there’s still quite a lot for the eye to take in.

With Tyler Parsons graduated out of the U20 lineup this year, expect Oettinger and fellow American Joseph Woll to battle it out for the Number 1 job at the World Juniors this year. And if Oettinger wins out, expect him and his oh-so-subtle gear to potentially face off against a future teammate in Colton Point, a 2016 fifth round draft selection for the Dallas Stars who currently sits on the Team Canada roster. As a 2017 first-round pick for Dallas, Oettinger will get a chance to fight with Point as the team’s goaltenders of the future in the coming seasons.

To check out more of Gunnarsson’s excellent work, head to his official websiteTwitter account, or Facebook page

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