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James Reimer’s 2011-2012 Leafs Mask

James Reimer’s 2011-2012 Leafs Mask


James Reimer’s first full season as the Leafs starter got off to a fantastic start but was interrupted by “concussion-like symptoms ” that caused quite a stir in the media. After a six-week layoff Reimer made a surprise start in goal last night in Boston – coach Ron Wilson had insisted to reporters that he would only back-up Jonas Gustavsson. InGoal’s Scott Slingsby was on hand and got some great shots as usual – InGoal will have more on Reimer’s return but for now we present these shots of his 2011-2012 mask.

The Bauer helmet has artwork once again by Dave Gunnarsson of and is an evolution of the design he used last season in two slightly different helmets.


James Reimer Toronto Maple Leafs Mask 2011-2012

Scott Slingsby Photo, All Rights Reserved.

The top of the helmet features a prominent Leafs logo and just above it you can see the “Optimus Reim” logo attributed to the founder of the Pucking Hilarious website.

James Reimer Toronto Maple Leafs Mask 2011-2012

Scott Slingsby Photo, All Rights Reserved.

As before, the backplate reflects Reimer’s faith – which InGoal’s Kevin Woodley detailed in our look at last season’s helmet,

“I’m a Christian so I have a picture of Jesus pulling Peter out of the water,” Reimer told InGoal Magazine earlier this season, adding that his faith has played a big part in his ability to stay on an even keel while riding a roller-coaster first season in the big leagues. “That’s obviously big part of my mental game, the Good Lord helps me be focused and confident and calm and stuff like that. I can’t disregard that at all.”

James Reimer Toronto Maple Leafs Mask 2011-2012

Scott Slingsby Photo, All Rights Reserved.


Gunnarsson’s description of the helmet follows:

The design is a kind of mix of James’ last Toronto masks and his Team Canada mask I created for him for the World Championships. The layout with the leaf on each side creates an old school design just as the Team Canada mask. The theme is the same as on last year’s Toronto mask, with paintings from James’ childhood. This time painted using just an old school brush, that gives a cool retro feeling to the design.

On one side James as a kid playing hockey home at the pond, and when you look close you discover a new world of details, you see the forest in the background and the house were they are waiting for James and his friends to come inside. And on the other side once again Cherry and McLean with their hockey show painted with old school oil paint tech. James remembers how he watched it when he was a kid.

Around this theme I created an old school Toronto design, and lots and lots of details to discover when you come closer. I love to create designs that transforms into another design when you come closer and a new dimension appears in front of your eyes.

And just as last season Jesus is on the backplate, also painted with old school oil paint tech this time.

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  1. Matt in Montreal

    Very nice all around, but my favourie (and the best I’ve ever seen) is the Reimer scroll on the chin.


    Gunnarsson is God’s gift to goalie mask design. lol.

  2. aaron halvorsen

    like the blue, you guys should do one on Gustavsson’s new mask i dont know if you guys have noticed but he got a new one too.

  3. Dolores

    I don’t watch too many hockey games ,but man, you got me hooked!!!!You played fantastic!!!!!God bless!!!