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Jeff Zatkoff debuts modern twist on Felix Potvin mask tribute

Jeff Zatkoff has a tendency to prefer mask designs that heavily feature his team’s logos.

On occasion, though, the current Los Angeles Kings goaltender prefers to pay tribute with his mask design, instead. He’s had it done for former Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup legend Tom Barrasso – and now, he’s had it done for his favorite player growing up, as well:

Quebec-based mask artist Sylvie Marsolais explained the step-by-stop process she took to come up with this Felix Potvin work of art, which puts a whole new spin on one of the league’s most iconic lids:

“[The] Felix Potvin design is very popular and has been replicated very often,” Marsolais explained, “so we wanted to add something very special on it. The use of SubZero paint was a no brainer for us.”

The SubZero paint, as Marsolais has explained in the past, changes the color of certain parts of the mask depending on the temperature of the room around it. She’s used the special temperature-based paint on a handful of masks, boasting the look on lids for names like Anton Khudobin and Andrei Vasilevskiy already.

“We suggested the idea to Jeff and he was pretty excited about it.  When Potvin played in LA, his mask was purple, so our 1st idea was to do it with the same color – but on the ice the purple would have turned black.  The only problem was that the purple is no longer this team color, and the SubZero paint doesn’t change immediately when you jump on the ice, so we were not allowed to use this color.

Instead of purple we went with a silver base.  The purist will see that the design is the same as the original except for the top; we used the same graphic that he had in Toronto and put a portrait of him inside of it.”

Sure enough, the design is a near-replica of Potvin’s own lid from his time in sunny Southern California. This one, though, incorporates a bit of Potvin’s Toronto design as well, and modernizes the look using the new Kings colors instead.

Potvin had one of the most recognizable masks in the NHL, so this will be an easy catch for fans who see Zatkoff skate out with the Ontario Reign or the Kings themselves. With the new color scheme, though, it’s a perfect way to honor an old legend with something new.

Marsolais shared a video of the color-changing concept of the mask via Twitter:

Here’s a look at the mask from a few other angles, as well:

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