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Jhonas Enroth Goes Old School In New Sabres Mask

Jhonas Enroth Goes Old School In New Sabres Mask

Enroth FeaturedWith the departure of Ryan Miller last year, the goaltending situation in Buffalo became a lot muddier. Following the trade deadline that say Miller shipped to St. Louis, the remaining regular season starts were split up between Jhonas Enroth, Michal Neuvirth, and Matt Hackett. Enroth, who is listed atop the Sabres depth chart in goal, is likely looking forward to making a strong bid for a starting position and he’s got a fantastic new mask to boot. Thanks to Dave Gunnarsson at DaveArt, Enroth will be looking sharp with some detailed illustrations from Gunnarsson adorning his new bucket.

According to Gunnarsson’s Facebook page, the mask is titled “Rockin Sabres 6 – Old School Passion”, and “the whole design is created as an old school design”. “The story of the mask art is told in the details”, says Gunnarsson and we couldn’t agree more. As you look closer at each component of the mask, you’ll see something you didn’t notice at first. On the leftmost and rightmost sides of the mask, there are two old western buffalo skulls, not unlike the intimidating figures you’d expect to see in a saloon above a seated John Wayne. Two cutlasses frame the silhouettes of a buffalo stampede running towards a wall from two directions, meeting in the center of the chin. On top of the mask, the classic Sabres logo recently reincorporated to Buffalo’s jerseys shines and shows a slight sparkle in the eye of the Buffalo. Gunnarsson’s trademark DAVEART Hologram FX 2.0 create several logos in the background of the main illustrations and keep the viewer’s eyes exploring “details to be discovered all over the mask as a treasure map.” Well, here at InGoal, we’re certainly gung-ho about this excellent design.

It’s likely to be a three horse race for the number one position in goal at the start of Sabres training camp this year. As mentioned, Ryan Miller leaving town has created a void between the pipes that hasn’t been seen in Buffalo for a long, long time. We’re talking before Ryan Miller and before Dominik Hasek. That’s all the way back in the first couple years of the 1990’s. Enroth, along with the rest of his team, had a tough season last year, going 4-17-5 in 28 games. However, he maintained a .911 SV% and a 2.81 GAA; no mean feat in a season that saw the Sabres struggle in historical fashion. Neuvirth and Hackett have both started in the NHL, 136 games and 21 games respectively. While Hackett will get a look from the Sabres coaching staff, he’s likely to return to Rochester to do some time there. Enroth will have every opportunity to succeed Miller as the Sabres starting goalie, but he’s not likely to see much respite from the average 34.3 shots per game he saw last year. That being said, he’s got a great new mask and is sure to intimidate at least a few shooters bearing down on odd man rushes.

Enroth has worked with DaveArt before on a mask, as has Neuvirth when he mad a mask made for his ’12-’13 campaign with the Washington Capitals. For more about the mask itself and to find more of Dave Gunnarsson’s great artwork check out his websiteTwitter feed, his Facebook page, and Instagram. You can also see some pictures of his latest work for Jhonas Enroth below!

Enroth Featured

Enroth Right

Enroth Left

Enroth Full

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  1. Patrick H.

    Maybe the bull skulls are a salute to Clint Malarchuk. His goalie mask during his Sabres days had a skull just like that one on the top of the helmet.
    Just a thought. That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw Enroth’s mask.
    Cool art work. GO SABRES!!!!!!!!