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Joe Cannata raises awareness for young fan with new mask

Joe Cannata raises awareness for young fan with new mask

The Colorado Avalanche will see goaltender Joe Cannata return this coming season to serve as their minor league depth, after he arrived with the club this past spring from the Washington Capitals.

The 27-year-old Cannata has always donned a sort of quiet, subtle mask design, wearing a simple Orca-inspired mask for a good chunk of his tenure with the Vancouver Canucks prior to last season.

Now, though, he’ll use his lid to raise awareness for a special young Avalanche fan.

Together with DaveArt mask artist David Gunnarsson, Cannata designed a mask dedicated to three-year-old fan Ruby Mae Millea, currently battling Neuroblastoma at Tuft’s Children’s Hospital in Boston. Take a look:

As with all of Cannata’s masks, it’s a subtle nod to the team itself as well. The greyscale has the classic ‘C’ Colorado logo on top, with a mountain range creating the white-ish sides for the post.

There’s a subtle, greyscale main Avalanche logo on the chin as well, but the focus of the mask is clearly Ruby herself. She’s depicted on the left side of the mask, with a gold ribbon on the right side for cancer awareness. Both colored designs are adorned by the worlds ‘Ruby Strong’.

Take a look at the video Dave and Joe created to highlight more of the mask:

SB Nation’s Mile High Hockey provided the link to Ruby’s GoFundMe page, where fans can help the young fighter’s family raise money for both her treatment and living expenses while she’s undergoing treatment.

For more incredible work from Gunnarsson, check out his Twitter, Instagram, or his Official Website.

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