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Johan Hedberg’s Devilish Moose Mask 2011-2012

Johan Hedberg’s Devilish Moose Mask 2011-2012

Ten years ago Dave Gunnarsson created “the first Moose mask for Johan Hedberg that gave him the nickname Moose.” Johan continues to use the motif for his current mask, created using “old school style” with strong graphics using the “Devils profile and logos, with strong connections to the uniform.”

New Jersey’s logo features prominently on the mask, with Devils written on both sides of the mask underneath a masked Moose dressed like a devil.  The same masked devil also appeared on Hedberg’s 2010-2011 mask.



The minimalist design and colors of the mask let the details stand out and give the mask an overall crisp look to it, allowing Dave’s artwork and detail work (such as a “cool Devils logo pattern in sketchy style in the white base”) to stand out.

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  1. Joe from Chicago

    I love the consistent design that the Moose always looks exactly the same, it means you generally won’t raise any eyebrows each year, you know what to expect, and I like that.


    Ah why does the Moose have bull horns? Someone should have looked @ a picture of an actual moose before the design :s

    • Buster Bueller

      I think those are devil horns…