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John Gibson’s New Space Invaders Mask

John Gibson’s New Space Invaders Mask

Gibson LeftWell, the last time we saw John Gibson, he was wearing a Pac-Man inspired mask designed by Dave Gunnarsson of DaveArt. Well, Gibson and Gunnarsson have teamed up once again and entered the nostalgia wormhole, with a new mask design inspired by the arcade game, Space Invaders. We’re sensing a theme here… The detail on the mask is incredible, and as usual, is loaded with cool features. Gunnarsson has outdone himself again!

On the left and right sides, the classic, pixelated space invaders are moving side to side, with the invaders, usually classified as small (resembling a squid), medium (resembling a crab), and large (resembling a jellyfish) attempting to be shot down with the “core cannon”. The detail is so impressive, we wouldn’t surprised if some of you out there started twiddling your thumbs over an imaginary joystick!

On the chin of the mask, a pixelated rendition of the old Mighty Ducks logo sits beside Gibson’s number 36. In the background, small Mighty Duck logos can be seen throughout the mask design. On the top of the mask is where things start to get really interesting. Gunnarsson, on his Facebook page, calls the character “The Alien Duck on the top of the mask…. inspired by a certain Alien from a certain Alien movie, an Alien with a mouth in the mouth… or more precise a beak in the beak!” Pretty scary if you ask us!

Gibson is touted as the best goaltending prospect in the NHL right now, and while he didn’t start off this season how he would have liked, allowing 6 goals in a blowout loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Gibson, a Pittsburgh native was sent down over the weekend to play with the Norfolk Admirals of the AHL to get some more playing time, and has since been recalled by the Ducks. Frederik Andersen is playing well at the moment, but most believe it is only a matter of time before Gibson claims the starting job. The opening night loss to the Pens is likely a small speed bump on the way to a great career, and with masks like these, we think he’ll look pretty good too!

Gunnarsson was also the artist and designer for Andersen’s LEGO mask, as well as the recently featured Semyon Varlamov arctic zombie mask. You can check out Gunnarsson’s website, follow him on Twitter and/or Instagram, and Like his page on Facebook for more awesome mask designs and paint jobs. The rest of Gibson’s Space Invader mask is below!

Gibson Left

Gibson Right

Gibson Top Right

Gibson Top Left

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  1. Gerald

    ANY actual photos of John wearing this Space Invaders mask?

    • David Hutchison

      No, sorry. We haven’t had a photographer at a game with him using this and we won’t post photos without permission of others.