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Jonas Gustavsson “Monster Rocker” Leafs Mask

Jonas Gustavsson “Monster Rocker” Leafs Mask

Toronto Goaltender has refined his Monster Leaf design for 2011-2012

Toronto Maple Leaf Goalie Jonas Gustavsson, like so many NHL goalies, has found a look he like on his helmet and asked his artist Dave Gunarsson of to refine it for the new season.

Gaunnarson writes, on the refined design:

“…when Jonas moved to Toronto I came up with the idea how to mix a leaf with a monster cause of his nickname. Jonas liked my sketches and after that it has been many Monster leaf masks… I´m very proud to paint for Jonas and show it to the fantastic fans of the Maple Leafs.

This design idea I came up with last spring, with the monster leaf super big all over the mask, so Jonas becomes a monster leaf with this on his head…watch out! Jonas also wanted a tribute to the fantastic town of Toronto, so in the background I created the Toronto skyline with the CN Tower. I´ve been in the tower myself to do research… :)”

InGoal’s Scott Slingsby provides the exclusive game images for you.

Gustavsson Leafs Mask 2011-2012

Gustavsson Leafs Mask 2011-2012

Gustavsson Leafs Mask 2011-2012

Gustavsson Leafs Mask 2011-2012

Gustavsson Leafs Mask 2011-2012

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  1. Justin

    I wonder if Gustavsson’s monster and Rinne’s monster are related.

    • Joe from Chicago

      They look so eerily similar. Guess Gunnarson has a specific look when it comes to monsters’ mouths!

  2. Kevin

    Not perfect, I mean, in my opinion, something is missing…
    Anywayz, it’s a pretty good mask with a Toronto theme!

    Gunarsson is a genius.