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Jonathan Bernier’s 2011-2012 Los Angeles Kings Mask

Jonathan Bernier’s 2011-2012 Los Angeles Kings Mask

Bernier Kings goalie mask top

Jonathan Bernier of the Los Angeles Kings is one of the top young goaltenders in the game, pushing LA #1 Jonathan Quick for time in the Kings’ goal. He doesn’t just have game, he’s got one of the sharpest masks in the league and master artist Dave Gunnarsson has taken the design he used last season, dialled it up a notch by layering new new levels of detail and changed it from a purple base colour to match the Kings’ new black, white and silver uniforms.

You can see in this comparison to last season look that the essential design is unchanged on the right side of the mask.

Bernier Kings goalie mask right
2011-2012 Mask 2010-2011 Mask

However the left side has changed considerably having removed the lion from the Kings’ crest there last season and added in a bold rendition of the King’ Crown logo:

Bernier Kings goalie mask left
2011-2012 Mask 2010-2011 Mask

You can check out the rest of the photos of Bernier’s 2010-2011 King’s Mask in the post we did last season.


Gunnarson, on the new design, writes:

The design is a so called story teller design, with a story behind every detail to explore. It is a continuation of his previous mask design themes that Jonathan and I have evolved through the years.

It was very interesting to create this design that is made in the new Kings colors, black and white. Bernier’s fans will recognize the big powerful lion at the top, with a theme of LA Kings and Hollywood created around it.

Everything is created with extreme detail work, 3-D effects and lots and lots of sweet metallic glitter.

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