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Jonathan Quick 2011-2012 LA Kings Mask

Jonathan Quick 2011-2012 LA Kings Mask

 A New twist on a familiar look for the Kings’ goaltender

Artist Steve Nash of has just released the first photos of Jonathan Quick’s 2011-2012 game mask, appropriately titled “Battle Armour.” The design on Quick’s Sportmask Pro Custom will look familiar to fans as an evolution of the same look Nash first created in 2008 for Quick. The most significant change from last year (pictured below) is the colour scheme, with the mask echoing the Kings decision to remove the old-school purple from their uniforms.

Quick will also be wearing a Retro mask to go with the Kings’ alternate uniforms this year and InGoal brought the exclusive first shots of that mask as well.

Jonathan Quick 2011-2012 LA Kings Mask by

In a perfect bit of good timing, puck-stopping scouting guru Justin Goldman of The Goalie Guild has just released his latest fantasy hockey report, and it contains a great analysis of Quick and goaltending partner Jonathan Bernier.

You might also enjoy InGoal‘s “ask-a-pro” interview with Bernier from last season. The Goalie Guild report quotes Kings’ coach Terry Murray as saying Bernier “stepped it up” last season – and as the Kings’ rookie told InGoal late during his first NHL campaign, that is literally what he did.

We expect to see a growing partnership with InGoal and the Goalie Guild this season – stay tuned for more great developments throughout the early days of this season. And for more of Nash’s fantastic work please follow them on Twitter and “like” their Facebook page today. You can also click on the pictures to go direct to their Quick page.


Jonathan Quick 2011-2012 LA Kings Mask by

InGoal’s Scott Slingsby captured these images of Quick last season – you’ll see the design is nearly unchanged.

Jonathan Quick 2009-2010 Goalie Mask by

Jonathan Quick 2011-2012 LA Kings Mask by

Jonathan Quick 2011-2012 LA Kings Mask by



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  1. Dixie Longate

    Dirty, sexy, or just plain barely legal?

    I love it i love it i love it.


  2. Sven K

    I liked it last season, and I like the black background more than the purple one.

    It’s great

  3. Hockeylover

    Boring. Tired of the same design for 3 years now. Awesome goalie in net but not creative when it comes to mask design.

    • Kris

      did you think Potvin and Cujo’s masks were boring as well?

      • Chris

        and belfour for that matter

  4. Danny

    I’ve liked his mask (and game) for years, and now he’s followed the King’s cue and removed the purple from his mask…..what’s not to love? the kings are looking stacked and primed for a huge year in my eyes. And Quick could see his game get even better. Is this another American goalie and possibly the 3rd in as many years to win the Vezina? I think he’ll be in the running.