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Jonathan Quick honors US Special Forces with World Cup mask

Jonathan Quick honors US Special Forces with World Cup mask

“De oppresso liber.”

That’s the motto of the United States Special Forces – and for the upcoming World Cup of Hockey, Team USA goaltender Jonathan Quick will see it splashed across his mask.


Quick tweeted the mask design on Friday morning, giving a huge shoutout to Steve Nash of EyeCandyAir for airbrushing the design.

The mask pays homage to the Special Forces and the Special Forces Charitable Trust, an organization that works to provide support and funding to the families of Green Beret soldiers and veterans. It boasts the logo for the organization – which provides everything from community support to academic scholarships – across the top of the mask, complete with the Special Forces motto and symbol (which translate to ‘from being an oppressed man to a free one’).

After the World Cup, Quick is auctioning off the mask to benefit the Special Forces Charitable Trust, with bidding closing Friday, Oct. 7 at 10 p.m. EST. You can see and bid on this one of a kind mask by clicking here.

On the sides of the mask, Quick and Nash continued with the Special Forces theme, boasting the ‘Nous Defions’ (we defy) patch design commonly associated with the Green Berets and the motto on both the left and right sides. The mask is completed with a USA logo on the chin, where goaltenders would traditionally put their own names.

Quick isn’t the first goaltender to release his mask design for the upcoming World Cup of Hockey, and he certainly isn’t the only one to use the landscape to pay tribute to national pride.

As a regular honoree of the armed forces with his national mask designs, though – Quick also iconically put the Tomb of the Unknown Solider on his 2014 Olympic mask, and caused a stir with his ‘Support our Troops’ insignia on his 2010 Olympic mask – his new design is a home run.

The World Cup of Hockey officially begins on September 17th in Toronto, Canada.

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