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Jose Theodore makes Minny debut in “Mummy” mask

(Editor’s note: InGoal is proud to debut exclusive photos of Theodore’s new mask to replace this mummy temp).

Halloween is still more than a week away but Jose Theodore appeared to be in the trick-or-treat mood early, making his Minnesota Wild debut Friday night in a mask that looked like it had been wrapped up mummy style.

Turns out it has.

After signing with the Wild just before the season started because scheduled backup Josh Harding tore up his knee in a preseason game, Thoedore was still waiting for his new Minnesota-themed mask to arrive from the painter.

In the meantime he has wrapped up last season’s lid from the Washington Capitals with pieces of tape and splattered it liberally with Wild stickers, creating the mummy effect that as on display against the Canucks on Friday night, complete with frayed edges where the tape wraps over the edges of the mask.

It’s easy to forgive Theodore for looking like something from the local beer league – and not just because his temporary set up is so perfectly suited to the fast-approaching candy and costumes season.

The stylish 34-year-old veteran has more than earned the benefit of the doubt for the intricate gargoyle-themed masks he wore in Montreal and Colorado before appropriately subbing in bald eagles on both sides of his mask in Washington last season.

Theodore’s helmets have long been among the more detailed paint in the NHL, with the large winged creatures on each side serving as guardians, or gatekeepers, at his first two NHL stops in a manner similar to the design themes favoured by Marty Turco, first in Dallas and now in Chicago.

There’s no word on the incoming design for the one-year, $1.1-million contract he signed with the Wild – perhaps bears will replace the gargoyles and eagles this time – but Theodore has also typically features an “LX” chiseled into the wall upon which the animals are perched – the Roman numeral equivalent of his No. 60, and something he also carries permanently in the form of a tattoo.

“In Montreal I used to have a mask with just with the Montreal logo that I didn’t design and then after they came up with this and I just kept it from there,” Theodore once told InGoal Magazine of his design.

The back of Thoedore’s Colorado mask featured a stylized “R” with a cross on a chain hanging from it, a tribute to young daughter Romi, his nickname “Theo” and a small elephant standing on a “33,” his lucky number growing up.

“The elephant is just a luck charm,” he said.

Jose Theodore's wearing his old Washington Capitals mask in his Minnesota debut, with everything but the backplate shown here wrapped up with white tape "mummy style" and plastered with Wild stickers.

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  1. Carol

    I am really looking forward to seeing José’s new mask. I’d love to see the gargoyles make a return, although I don’t know that they’d fit in with the Wild theme…

  2. Habby

    That 33 & elephant are from Patrick Roy. Roy used to rub a lucky elephant he got from a taxi driver during the ’93 Cup run in Montreal.

  3. Jordan

    Carol you were rite only the gargoyles have the wild bear head instead of being gargoyles pretty clever .