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Jose Theodore’s Florida Panthers “Tiki Gargoyle” Mask

Jose Theodore’s Florida Panthers “Tiki Gargoyle” Mask

Mask artist Dave Gunnarsson has just released the first official photos of Jose Theodore’s “Tiki Gargoyle” mask. The Gargoyle was  a personal trademark on Theodore’s helmets, going back to his days in Montreal.  With most goaltenders, when they have a personal trademark design it just gets recoloured or repurposed in a new team’s colours. This is a brilliant evolution which recognizes his past but absolutely transforms it for his new home in Florida.

This mask reminds us of one F-X Allaire created for Vancouver’s Roberto Luongo as a nod to British Columbia’s First Nations culture. That helmet was worn in practice but never in a game.

In Gunnarsson’s words:

On this mask it is time for Gargoyles again, I love to paint gargoyles. Jose wanted it in a new unique way with a cool connection to Florida. Karl in my team came up with the idea of Tiki, I made some sketches were I mixed Tikis and Gargoyles, and the design idea was born. Jose loved the sketches and I started the adventure to paint it.

The Burning TikiGargoyles are sitting on each side of the Florida beach in their sand castles, guarding the net. Around this I created a totally action packed Florida design with so many Florida details to discover all over the mask. I love to spend a lot of time just painting details and go crazy on details, and play with metallic effects. Lots of the stuff you can only see when you see the mask live. I remember when I was a kid and watched the TV series Miami Vice, in the intro there were flamingos, so I really wanted that in the design… 🙂

On the chin the mask is transformed into a Tiki Gargoyle mask, turning Jose into one when he put it on his head.


Jose Theodore Tiki Mask Floria Panthers Goalie


Jose Theodore Tiki Mask Floria Panthers Goalie

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  1. Matt in Montreal

    Hahahaha. Love the chin!

  2. Jordan3

    Still got my Theo Habs jersey hangin on the wall… Those were the days

  3. Nick H.

    That’s a new one … I like it!

  4. Joe from Chicago

    Gargoyles>Cats in bikinis

    Just saying.

  5. question3

    The chin is super kick ass.