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Kari Lehtonen’s 2011-2012 Dallas Stars Mask

Kari Lehtonen’s 2011-2012 Dallas Stars Mask

Kari Lehtonen Dallas Goalie MAsk

Every time Stars goalie Kari Lehtonen gets a new mask we’re excited to see what artist Dave Gunnarsson has come up with for him. While Gunnarson’s work is always top notch, he seems to save the best for Lehtonen. Is the Swedish artist a Texan at heart? From the Chuck Norris tribute mask that was so popular last season it brought the InGoal servers to their knees to the Tombstone tribute (who would have guessed Val Kilmer would adorn an NHL mask) he wore, there’s always some thing special in a Lehtonen mask.

The story this time isn’t Texas-related, it’s Texas itself. This year’s design it a tribute to the Lone Star state and while anyone can put a few stars and a map on a helmet, we think you’ll agree that the level of detail here is impressive.

Kari Lehtonen Dallas Goalie Mask


Gunnarsson himself described the mask,

“On the side the Dallas Stars logo as a Texas map, and I created it as a real map, looking a bit old and used with some of the edges curved. Around that a very detailed theme of Texas, with a strong powerful longhorn bull in focus on the other side. You also find a belt buckle, cactus landscape, the Texas Star Ferris wheel, oil pumps and much more.

It was very exciting to create this design with a lot of white to give it an old school feeling. I used a lot of different painting techniques.”


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  1. Sven

    One of the coolest masks for this year in my opinion

  2. David

    I don’t like the bull with the red eyes much, but the rest of it is perfect. I love the slightly romantic image of the oil derrick and the bleakness of the skull.

    Somewhat OT, Jimmy Howard has a new(ish) mask:

    Only noticed it in the Penguins game yesterday. The Mustang bit on the top is I think the same, but the chin area is new – particularly the way the retired numbers are now done.

    And the backplate is very much the biggest new addition – in tribute to friends and colleagues on the Locomotiv flight.

  3. gordon

    i like the gold cage style that he has going really fits well with the mask

  4. js

    Wow this one is pretty slick !


  5. yes

    I miss his old hamburgler mask. Yes the hamburgler. Gotta love Lehtonen.