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Karri Ramo Becomes a Beast on New Flames Mask

Karri Ramo Becomes a Beast on New Flames Mask

Karri Ramo 2013-14 Calgary Flames Beast Mask rightWith Miikka Kiprusoff retired, the Calgary Flames are counting on fellow Finn Karri Ramo to replace him as a beast between their pipes this season.

Thanks to his new mask from popular Swedish artist David Gunnarsson of DaveArt, Ramo will at least look like a beast as he tries to make the adjustment back to the NHL after a successful stint in Russia’s KHL.

Gunnarsson even named Ramo’s fierce new design The Beast.

“The jaw is loaded with big bad teeth, and he also has an extra mouth on the top loaded with teeth,” Gunnarsson wrote on his Facebook page. “Behind there you can see his brain, just as on Karri’s previous designs I’ve made for him. I love to paint in different styles from day to day. This Calgary Flames design idea I came up with as a teenager back in the 90s. I took my sketches from then and created this creature.”

Given how impressive – and scary it looks – it was worth the wait.

You can find more of Gunnarsson’s great artwork on both his website and on his Twitter feed:


Karri Ramo 2013-14 Calgary Flames Beast Mask left


Karri Ramo 2013-14 Calgary Flames Beast Mask left top


Karri Ramo 2013-14 Calgary Flames Beast Mask top


Karri Ramo 2013-14 Calgary Flames Beast Mask right


Karri Ramo 2013-14 Calgary Flames Beast Mask Poster

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  1. Ian Wotherspoon

    I personally don’t like this mask. I realize the artist di a very good job in how he painted the mask and I’m not knocking his work I just don’t feel that a goalie mask should portray monsters and other scary things. I like what someone said awhile back that the goalies must have a part of the mask depicting the team that he’s playing with somewhere on the mask and many of the masks I’ve seen on InGoal magazine this year have this or at least the teams color involved. As I said above, it’s personal but I truly believe that scary monster masks should not be allowed in the NHL.

  2. Eric

    Ian, why shouldn’t goalies get to personalize this blank canvas they get? Generic team-related logos and stripes would make things awfully boring. Monsters, beasts, who cares? Guys like Cujo, Belfour, Kiprusoff, Potvin; their masks were iconic and became brands in themselves. It adds an extra cartoonish element to the game that kids and adults alike love. To get strict on that would be to take all personality out of the position.

  3. Jonathon

    Yea, think about soccer – the Goalies don’t wear the team colors – they are usually in neon!
    Gee, unless there is an actual hockey rule about it… I’m waiting for the goalie with the guts, chutzpah and balls enough to have his pads and helmet customized to look like either a brick/stone wall, or as the “goal” itself, i.e. painted like the net for a net-minder-like camouflage!! That would be a psych!!!

    • David Hutchison

      Jonathan – check out

      The camouflage like a net has been done – goalieflage. Cool story of a young high school student who had the concept and worked with Darren Stomp to make it happen.