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Khudobin’s New Mask Has Logos from KHL Roots

Khudobin’s New Mask Has Logos from KHL Roots

Dobby3_3Carolina netminder Anton Khudobin has again teamed up with Sylvie Marsolais of Sylabrush to update his popular Hurricane mask.

“We met Anton in Montreal, when the Hurricanes played the Habs,” Marsolais told InGoal. “While talking to Khudobin he explain to us the hard path he had to take to make it to the NHL, and Anton wanted to have the Kazzinc-Torpedo and the Metallurg Magnitogors logos somewhere on his mask to mark that journey.

“The Torpedo logo represented the foundation of his technique, which Nabokov taught him, while Metallurg were one of his junior teams.”

Marsolais painted Khudobin’s original Hurricanes mask; but was able to add some extra flourishes to his new Vaughn by Pro’s Choice mask.

“We had a lot more time to put some extra details in.” Marsolais recalled. “On one side you can see a more detailed sorcerer, casting spells to control the Hurricane on top.

“On the other side, we wanted to show a more 3D kind of wind movement, with rocks flying in the wind – you can also see that the two rocks are engraved with Khudobin’s old teams logos.”

“On the chin he liked the ”DOBBY” writing that we came up with previously, with a hurricane style ”O”. Then on the backplate he wanted his Russian eagle, as always, as well as the name of his friend Igor Korolev, who died in the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl plane crash.”

“For the finishing coat, he didn’t want any shine for ‘Dobby.’ Anton preferred a matte finish, like his previous mask.”

For more great masks from Marsolais, visit the Sylabrush web site, or their Facebook page, and follow her on Twitter





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