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Kings Mascot Bailey on Martin Jones New Mask

Kings Mascot Bailey on Martin Jones New Mask

Martin Jones Los Angeles Kings mask 2013-14 left sideMartin Jones is paying tribute to the Los Angeles Kings’ award-winning mascot, Bailey, on his new mask.

Painted Steve Nash of EyeCandyAir, the new Vaughn mask made by Pro’s Choice features Bailey prominently on the left side, a timely tribute given the Kings’ mascot recently won the Cartoon Network’s Most Awesome Mascot in the Hall of Game awards.

Jones, who earned the back up job and made trading fellow EyeCandyAir client Ben Scrivens (you can see his new Oilers mask and Alexisonfire tribute here) with his exceptional play earlier this season, stick with a predominantly Kings theme on the new lid, using past logos on both sides and on the chin.

The logo from 1988 through 1998 is feature boldly on the left side, while the chin features the hockey stick-wielding, sunglass-wearing Lion that was part of the primary logo used from 1998 through 2002. Bailey is wearing the crown that has also been used as a logo – both primary and now, as a secondary logo on the shoulder – since 1998.

You can check out more work from Nash, who creates all his masks by hand using only traditional methods and tools like a pencil, paintbrush and airbrush, on the official EyeCandyAir website, or follow them on TwitterFacebook, and on Vine. You can also learn more about the Pro’s Choice masks on their websiteFacebook page and Twitter feed:

Martin Jones Los Angeles Kings mask 2013-14  right side

Martin Jones Los Angeles Kings mask 2013-14  poster

Martin Jones Los Angeles Kings mask 2013-14 left side

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  1. Warren Shapiro

    What a Kool mask it has all the colors of the Kings including the logo. It’s nice to see the team mascot also maybe that will scare the players. Unfortunately Quick will play more than Jones. Unless they make a move. I doubt it. It’s nice to see the backup being so creative. So remember make that glove save and make that kick save.

  2. Sudais Sidat

    This is nice!! I want change to bernier’s mask in leafs…..

  3. Sudais Sidat

    This is very nice. I want change to Jonathan Bernier’s mask in Leafs!

  4. Paul Ipolito

    I didn’t know there were awards for mascots. I wonder if Carlton The Bear knows about this?