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Laurent Brossoit honors arena move with new Oilers mask

Laurent Brossoit honors arena move with new Oilers mask

At long last, Laurent Brossoit is getting his shot at the NHL level full-time.

The Edmonton Oilers have him slated as number two behind only Cam Talbot this year, moving up after what seemed like years of time shouldering the starting load for Edmonton’s AHL roster.

Brossoit is understandably excited about the move, so he’s honoring another big move on his mask:

Designed by DaveArt mastermind David Gunnarsson, Brossoit’s new lid is a tribute to the Edmonton Oilers homes of past and present, boasting sketches of both Rexall Place – where the Oilers played until 2016 – and the newly-inhabited Rogers Place.

The entire design ‘lives and breathes Oilers’, as Gunnarsson writes, boasting Brossoit’s giant orange drop of oil from previous masks and offering layer after layer of Oilers designs incorporated throughout. There’s the Gretzky statue in both drops on the sides of the mask, holographic drops throughout the background, and subtle Oilers logos canvassing the design to give it additional depth beyond the main design itself.

Overall, though, there’s a simplicity to the whole thing – which is nothing new for Brossoit’s masks. It’s a fantastic mix of a clean design and hinted-at details, and it’s a great tribute to the new future for both the Oilers and (hopefully) Brossoit himself.

For more of Gunnarsson’s mask work, check out his websiteTwitter feed, and Instagram account.

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