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Lego Duck Batman on Andersen’s Anaheim Mask

Lego Duck Batman on Andersen’s Anaheim Mask

Andersen BatDuck Lego Mask right side JPEGAnaheim Ducks goaltender Frederik Andersen paid tribute to his Danish roots with a Lego-themed mask last season (because, like Andersen, Lego originated in Denmark).

Never one to rest on his laurels on or off the ice, Andersen decided to have Swedish painter David Gunnarsson of DaveArt take the Lego theme to another level for next season, transforming Andersen into a Batman-themed superhero with Duck roots: “The DuckMan.”

“Frederik Andersen is a huge Lego fan, just like me, and since Frederik is from Denmark, just like Lego, Frederik wanted to pay tribute to the coolest toy ever,” Gunnarsson wrote on his Facebook page. “His Lego mask from last year was a huge success and here comes the next chapter. Frederik is transformed into a superhero, The DuckMan! Of course with the awesome old school Ducks logo on his chest, and the coolest weapon ever, a Lego goalie stick? Even the awesome Ducks logos on the sides are transformed into the DuckMan!”

In addition to the Lego Batman wearing a Ducks logo and holding a goalie stick on one side and leaping through a Lego brick wall on the other, the Ducks logo on the right side is transformed with a Batman mask altered to fit over the duck bill. And, like other recent masks from Gunnarsson, Andersen’s new lid changes when the lights go off, with GLOW Tech FX 2.0 used to create intimidating glow-in-the-dark silhouettes of the masked crusader:


Andersen BatDuck Lego Mask Glow FX all JPEG

Gunnarson promised more masks for Andersen next season, so be sure to keep checking his websiteTwitter feed, and Instagram. In the meantime enjoy some of these close ups (and one video) of the new “DuckMan” mask:

Andersen BatDuck Lego Mask Glow FX JPEG

Andersen BatDuck Lego Mask left side JPEG

Andersen BatDuck Lego Mask right side JPEG

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