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Louis Domingue gets new mask stolen en route to training camp

Louis Domingue gets new mask stolen en route to training camp

One of the most precious possessions a goaltender owns is their mask.

Painted to represent his or her personality, often with causes and people close to the heart, a mask is a little look into a goaltender’s personality and a way for them to express themselves on the ice.

To top that off, the incredible artists that turn the pieces of equipment into fine works of art spend countless hours designing and painting the masks, using any number of different paints and textures to truly help the designs come to life.

Watching goaltenders reveal their new masks at the start of each season is one of the most exciting things about the weeks leading up to training camp. At least, it usually is – but this year, Arizona Coyotes goaltender Louis Domingue will head back to the rink without his newly created lid.

Domingue tweeted on Tuesday that someone had stolen his mask en route to Arizona, where he’s headed to kick off training camp in the next few weeks:

No blame placed specifically on the airline or the three airports Domingue had to travel through, but plenty of frustration – especially since the mask was so new that Domingue hadn’t gotten a chance to show it off on the ice yet.

The goaltender had quietly published a video of the mask back in May when artist David Gunnarsson created it, but he re-tweeted the design on Tuesday to help spread the word. Take a look at the full video:

As is clear, the design is another incredible piece of work by the creator of DaveArt. With a dark theme, the mask features the Coyotes script logo across the chin, with the classic Kachina logo on top and tiny, subtle Coyote tracks and Kachina outlines done in Gunnarson’s holographic paint along the sides of the mask.

It’s topped off with a visit from an old friend, as Will. E. Coyote peers over the top of the mask from his position near the backplate. Finally, everything is tied together with a gorgeous, deep red cage, creating a fun new look for the desert netminder.

The mask itself is worth admiring, but fans should keep an eye out for the lid everywhere from Facebook seller to Instagram or their own hometown rinks. Any information should be sent to Domingue himself, reaching out via his official Twitter account.

Fingers crossed that the gorgeous design finds its way back to its rightful owner in time to start off the season.

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