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Roberto Luongo’s New Mask

Roberto Luongo’s New Mask

Looking for the New 2011-2012 Johnny Canuck Mask? We have that too!


Luongo's New Mask

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Roberto Luongo has a new mask, but the way things are going for Vancouver’s No.1 goalie right now, Canucks fans might not get to see it for a while. When you haven’t lost in regulation in two months and are 14-0-5 the last 19, even the least superstitious goalie would be loathe to change things up.

“Exactly,” Luongo told InGoal Magazine of why he hasn’t yet switched the 40th anniversary mask painted by Marlene Ross. “Right now we’ll leave it as is. It will be nice to look at and then when it’s time we will start wearing it.”

Luongo New MAsk Chin

The V on the chin is inspired by the sleeves of the original jerseys

As for the inspiration behind the simplistic design, Luongo said it was just a matter of tying the look into retro jerseys the team is wearing in celebration of 40 years in the NHL. The “V” on the chin echoes the sleeve of those special occasion sweaters the Canucks have used this season, and the logo on the forehead is the original stick-in-rink design from the same jerseys.

“I just wanted to put something regarding the whole 40th anniversary so that’s the whole chin part with the stripes like the jersey, and the top is obviously the original logo,” Luongo said.

Inspiration for the side-striping comes from the old skate logo.

As for the striping on the sides of Luongo’s new lid, it wasn’t part of the original green and blue jerseys, but actually recalls the old red and yellow skate logo. The backplate, like the rest of the background on Luongo’s new and most recent masks, is painted off white to continue the “vintage” feel.

Unlike many of his puck-stopping peers, there are no personal messages back there.

“I used to but it’s been a few years and I don’t do that anymore,” he said. “I don’t have to have something on my mask for the people I love to know.” (unlike John Grahame who has his Grandmothers featured as pin-up girls!)

Unlike a pair of pads, he also doesn’t need any time to break in the new mask because the Michel Lefevre product “is custom molded to my face.”

With a streak like the one Luongo and the league-leading Canucks are on right now, however, that won’t be the determining factor in the mask’s NHL debut.


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This week InGoal also debuted Steve Mason’s Third Jersey Mask, Andrew Raycroft’s Glittering helmet in Dallas as well as a sharp new design out of Philadelphia for Boston goalie Tuukka Rask.

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Kevin Woodley

Kevin Woodley is a rec-league target and former contributing editor of the Goalie News magazine. He has written about the Vancouver Canucks and NHL for The Associated Press, USA Today, Sports Illustrated and The Hockey News for the last decade, and covered the 2010 Olympics for The AP.


  1. Andre R

    Michel Doganieri makes his mask, for Michel LefeBvre/Reebok, his mask co. is called Protechsport, very well made and priced, I would highly recommend any goalie order one.

  2. Kevin


  3. Garrett I.

    luogno always has the worst masks, this one is aweful!

    • Garrett I.


    • maja_mojo

      I strongly disagree. Even though I really haven’t liked any of Lou’s past masks except for his current one, this one is much nicer, this would be his nicest mask yet. I love it.

  4. sam

    actually GARRET it is an AMAZING mask…..just like the teams record this season!!!

  5. Quinn

    that beige color looks like snot!!!!!!!!why not us white instead?!

  6. Andre

    Too bad Francesco Aquilini cannot take a hint from Roberto and true Canuck fans. The Stick ‘n Rink and Johnny Canuck is the brand the Canucks need to go with full-time. The orca belongs in the Orca Bay era.
    Great mask Bobby Lou!

    • maja_mojo

      100% agree, Orca has to go ASAP

  7. kyle lamont

    I like it – it has more interest then the present flying V stripes.. but I still like my Vintage vancouver mask better 😉
    Wonder if we will see Bobby’s new mask this year?!

  8. Russ

    Can someone please tell me about the tea stains? I just looks dirty, are they supposed to be there?

    • David Hutchison

      Retro…old..aged….get it?

    • James


  9. Megan Fox

    I LOVE this mask!!! especially ’cause its simple!!! But his best was definitively the jonny canuck one!!! He needs to wear it EVERY GAME!!!!!

  10. Michael Snow

    OMFG can you get off the old format mask?

    I could kick the f— out of this design without a blink of an eye.


    I’ll pay for the mask and do the art for free and if it is not better than this in the eyes of public opinion then you have nothing to lose.

    This mask is s—

  11. Russ

    But shouldnt all the white be white OR bone-like (tea stained)? Some looks “retro” and some doesn’t. Get it?

  12. austin

    this one is good but none of his goalie helmets r as good as schneids 2 canucks mask

  13. Aman Gill

    Luongo is the man