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Marc-Andre Fleury’s New Retro Pens Mask

Marc-Andre Fleury’s New Retro Pens Mask

Retro Look comes complete with “aged” design from puck marks to chipped paint

Marc-Andre Flery Retro Mask by Stephane Bergeron

Stephane “La Griffe” Bergeron has created all of Marc-Andre Fleury’s professional mask art. In addition to his main 2011-2012 mask featuring the latest in the evolution of his raging flower design, he has created this year’s retro look for use with the pens third jerseys. Most retro designs try to create a simple look often seen on early 70s masks – including the Michel Dion tribute mask Fleury wore in last year’s Winter Classic.

Bergeron has taken this latest design to a new level, not just mimicking an older paint job, but adding touches to make it look older – an array of puck marks and simulated paint chipping  – as if it were created in the 70s. Of course the professional clear coat and the high quality of the work (not to mention the cage) are clearly new but the creative twist on an old concept is refreshing to see.

What do you think of Bergeron’s work on this latest design?

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  1. Sean

    I think this looks great. Love the “worn” look. Any signs of the flower being on this mask anywhere?

  2. Tom

    Besides the penguins sign and his number there aren’t any at all.

  3. FlyersHottie

    Very cool concept. Think it works better as he’s a seasoned vet with the Pens, though.

  4. Ben

    I’m pretty sure the flower is on the very back part of the helmet. Where it covers the back of their head. It is a small flower…I’m pretty sure that’s what I saw when he wore it a couple games ago.