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Martin Gerber’s New Leafs Mask

Since publishing this post, we have also published another with Gerber photos. See it here.

We’ve a a good deal of traffic from people searching for shots of Martin Gerber’s new Leafs mask. It seems odd that he was happy to wait so long in Ottawa to shed the off the shelf black mask in favour of the very cool Darth Vadar look, and now he dons a new Leaf lid in very short order. Perhaps he’s hoping to stick around beyond the final 20 games of the year?

Here, thanks to “Changing on the Fly”, we have a couple of shots from his first game with the new mask vs. Tampa. Looks like a tribute to the old Mike Palmateer mask, but I’m not sure what is on the other side. If anyone knows, or if you know who the artist was, please send a note or leave a comment.

Update Friday PM: Changing On the Fly sent me a note:

“Hey I just saw the pics on your site.  Nice site by the way.  Just wanted to answer your queston on what’s on the other side of the mask.  I saw in on TV during a game and, if my mind serves me correctly, I’m pretty sure it’s the same tribute mask.  Although I’m not completely sure if it’s Mike Palmateer but that was my first guess too when I saw the mask.”


Goalie Martin Gerber Leafs Mask

Goalie Martin Gerber Leafs Mask

photos thanks to “Changing on the Fly” via Flickr

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