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Mason Revamps Zombie Mask For 2014-2015

Mason Revamps Zombie Mask For 2014-2015

Mason TopA new installment of Philadelphia Flyers means a new mask for Steve Mason. At the beginning of last year, Mason took advantage of a popular culture trend, turning famous Philadelphia historical figures into zombies. However, he didn’t stop there. In January, Mason turned on his teammates and portrayed several current Flyers as half-dead brain-eaters. It’s a unique design and one that has proven very popular around the league. Well, Steve Mason, Marcus Power, and Franny Drummond of PaintZoo have teamed up again to create the latest zombie mask. With a few new faces and some added flair, we think this might be the best one yet!

Defenseman Niklas Grossman (#8) is showcased on the left side of the mask, just in front of what looks like the rest of the zombie horde. Above him, Jakub Voracek (#93) and Matt Read (#24) make appearances. Voracek was on last year’s mask and all three of these characters look pretty scary. Grossman’s eyes are rolled back and spooky and Matt Read is reaching out with his right hand to grab a Flyers logo on top of the mask. Oh, and it looks like half of his face has been chewed off!

On the chin of the mask, a swath of fabric is sewed on hastily, with Mason’s nickname (“Mase”) written in big black letters. The stitching is a nice touchall around the mask is a nice touch, whether it’s on the chin or on top of the mask. The colours and details used all over the mask give it a truly post-apocalyptic feel and look.

On the right side, captain of the zombies Flyers Claude Giroux has bit of blood trailing from his mouth and is also wearing the Flyers slick third jerseys. Just above him are Wayne Simmonds and Luke Schenn. Steno joins Grossman and Read as new additions to the mask this year. It sounds like more teammates wanted to be featured on Mason’s popular mask!

Mason (and the rest of the Flyers) have had a rough start to the season, as he’s only gone 4-6-1 in 12 games (Philadelphia is 8-9-2) with a .913 SV% and 2.86 GAA. Mason enjoyed a resurgence last year after many thought his best years were behind him. He went 33-18-7 in his first full year with Philadelphia, and was excellent in the playoffs (.939 SV% and 1.97 GAA) despite losing in the first round. Mason won the Calder Trophy in 2009 as the league’s best rookie and will likely be looking to right the ship as soon as possible. Philadelphia has been known as a goalie graveyard… so perhaps zombies are the perfect mask design!

Along with the two previous zombie masks, Franny and Marcus also put together masks for Philly prospect Anthony Stolarz and current backup Ray Emery. If you’d like to see more, be sure to check out Paint Zoo’s websiteFacebookTwitter and Instagram. You can also follow Marcus Power on Twitter and see some awesome mask renderings. The rest of Mason’s spooky new mask is below.

Mason Right

Mason Left

Mason Top

Mason Full


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