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Mathieu Garon’s Tampa Bay Lightning Mask

Mathieu Garon’s Tampa Bay Lightning Mask

UPDATE Oct 9, 2011 InGoal’s Scott Slingsby shot some game action of Garon’s mask

Tampa’s Mathieu Garon was signed primarily to give #1 Dwayne Roloson the occasional night off. With Roloson’s age, it’s expected that the experienced Garon, who has seen stints in the number one role in the NHL will be a good fit who can take more games than the average backup this season.  A 6’2″ 202 lb lefty,  Garon worked in Tandem with Roloson while in Edmonton and should worked well with him again this coming season.

Garon’s new Reebok mask was painted by Artist Sylvie Poitras who also painted Martin Brodeur’s 2011-2012 helmet. It combines the team logo with the nautical theme and his number on the chin. Poitras told InGoal she was going for a bit of a “mix of new and vintage” in the design.




mathieu garon Tampa Bay goalie mask by Sylvie Poitras


mathieu garon Tampa Bay goalie mask by Sylvie Poitras

mathieu garon Tampa Bay goalie mask by Sylvie Poitras

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  1. Nick H.

    Everything cage-height and below looks okay, but I’d personally be disappointed with the forehead/top portion if this was my mask. It’s sails on a ship, yes? Sorry, I don’t get it. Not a fan of the melty blue drips either, it looks kinda like the airbrush effect you see on t-shirts. Just my opinion.

  2. Mark

    I like it. I like the nautical theme; it’s almost like a ship in the Bermuda Triangle with the lightning, and rain, am wind all around it. I think Garon will fit well into the Tampa Bay team, possibly even surpassing Roloson, I he can’t sustain his form.

  3. Porelle

    Love the colour scheme and logo’s on the sides….not a big fan of the sailboat in the storm. Replace the sailboat with some sort of evil sea monster and you’d have a very cool mask.

  4. Bolthorn

    its not a “sailboat”, its a pirate ship. it makes perfect sense if you understood the history of Tampa. IF you want to understand, here is some history.

    As a TBLighting fan and a resident of Tampa, I like it. Very well done.

  5. NJGoalie


  6. Nathaniel Melvin

    Sweet mask! Go Lighting and Mathieu Garon!

  7. charles

    Horribly done, did he paint it himself?
    And whatever the meaning behind it is, the sailboat/pirate ship is unidentifiable and looks like its being consumed by an icing monster.