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Matt Murray reveals new mask for World Cup of Hockey

Matt Murray reveals new mask for World Cup of Hockey

As the World Cup of Hockey grows ever closer, Matt Murray is getting in on the fun with the team uniforms – in his case, in the form of a sick new mask for Team North America.

The 22-year-old netminder, who won his first Stanley Cup this summer with the Pittsburgh Penguins, tweeted out his mask design on Friday.

The artistry is courtesy of Stephane Bergeron at Griff Airbrush, who designs both Murray’s and teammate Marc-Andre Fleury’s masks for the NHL as well. This will go along with a throwback Penguins mask used last year, along with a more traditional Penguins design, as concepts that the young netminder will don in 2016:

Done up in the slate-esque dark grey and rich orange color scheme of the U23 North American team, the mask features the unique North American logo on the sides and an orange stripe down the center. The logo boasts an intertwined ‘NA’ symbol, then the roman numerals for 23 (XXIII) superimposed in a triangle.

The North American logo and jerseys have been fairly polarizing for the NHL community. People either love them or absolutely hate them, with the dark colors and alternative-looking logo design.

As far as its ability to translate onto a mask well, though, it’s hard to deny – the colors and images certainly make for a cool design.

Murray will be joined in net by John Gibson of the Anaheim Ducks and Connor Hellebuyck of the Winnipeg Jets for the tournament, which officially begins on September 17th. The team will play their first pre-tournament game against Team Europe on September 8th, and will face off against the Czech Republic for their first game of the preliminary round on September 18th.

For more designs and concepts from Griff Airbrush, visit their official site.

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