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Maxime Lagace brings 300 to Sin City with Sparta mask

Maxime Lagace brings 300 to Sin City with Sparta mask

Maxime Lagace never panned out in the Dallas Stars system.

He’s getting a second chance with the Vegas Golden Knights, though – and could get his first appearance on NHL ice sooner rather than later due to a concussion for starter Marc-Andre Fleury.

It’s a new year, a new start, and a new team – so naturally, there’s a new mask, to go with it. And boy, does it ever fire you up:

“Max Lagace knew what he wanted on his first Vegas mask,” Gunnarsson wrote, via Instagram, “a mask loaded with action of hockey and built on the concept of Knights.”

The two brainstormed over the summer, trying to figure out the best way to marry hockey with the new Golden Knights theme.

Although the Spartans in 300 aren’t exactly knights, they certainly fit well with the team’s logo – so Gunnarsson and Lagace came up with the concept for the mask entitled “This is Sparta”.

The mask is immediately recognizable for the movie that inspired it, with a strong crimson and gold color scheme and both movie images and fonts used to bring the design to life. There’s a Spartan sketched in greyscale on each side of the mask, with the team’s shoulder patch donning the top of the mask in a semi-opaque gold (and then threading through the crimson background in holographic ink, to boot). Lagace’s number, 33, is slashed across the chin in the iconic ‘300’ font, and the team’s official logo adorns each side of the cage to help integrate the segue between the crimson background and the gold accenting the greyscale figures.

‘Vegas’ is written along the top of each side of the mask, serving as the only clean-cut, eye-popping design in a bold white, and the mask is complete.

Lagace should spend the majority of the season with the AHL’s Chicago Wolves, but it’s hard to fault him for getting a Vegas-inspired mask for the year. As one of the first-ever players to don the jersey in their system, it would be almost criminal not to give them a huge nod in his newest design.

Don’t get too used to this one, though. Gunnarsson has hinted that there’s a sequel coming soon – and as exciting as this mask is, it’s hard not to hope that the next one is even better.

For more of Gunnarsson’s incredible work, check out his TwitterInstagram, or official website.

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