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Metallica Tribute Goalie Mask

There was huge interest when we published Jason LaBarbera’s fantastic Pearl Jam goalie mask and later when his WWE tribute was published it was picked up by all kinds of non-hockey sites, so when I found this new Metallica tribute mask by artist David Leroux, I knew inGoal readers would be excited to see it.

For more on David’s fantastic work check out the inGoal feature we did on his work as a goal mask artist.

Metallica Tribute Goalie MAsk

Metallica Tribute Goalie Mask

Metallica Tribute Goalie Mask

About The Author

David Hutchison

David is one of the founders of InGoal Magazine which he began in 2009. Of course he finds time for some goaltending of his own as well, and despite his age, clings desperately to the idea that some NHL team will call him to play for them - though in his mid-forties (OK, late 40s) it'll likely be for a practice when everyone else on their depth chart has the flu and the shooter tutor has gone in for repairs.


  1. Kevin

    I hate Metallica. But, very nicely done !!!

  2. Jason Power

    That mask is a painter’s dream… vent holes to deal with!

    Very nice!

  3. david

    hey jason!! yes its a painter’s dream hahahah i had them custom made for me.. they are only for demo since the shell is not thick enought to play with!!

  4. Sean

    Sick mask, I want one!


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