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Mike Condon honors Ron Tugnutt with replica mask

Back in 1997, goaltender Ron Tugnutt propelled the Ottawa Senators to the franchise’s first-ever playoff berth.

Now, nearly 20 years later, newly acquired goaltender Mike Condon is honoring the retired Senators legend.


Condon is debuting a new Tugnutt replica mask this November, created by Sylabrush mask designer and artist Sylvie Marsolais. Per Marsolais, here’s a bit on the design:

“Because the Senators celebrate their 25th anniversary this year, Mike [Condon] wanted a Ron Tugnutt mask replica!” she told InGoal.

We went close to the original paint job, but we added a 2016 twist to it. On the top sides of the mask, you can see 2 portraits of Tugnutt in action. On the forehead, [we’ve got] the old Senators logo from the 90’s – and on the chin we added his clover leaf, and on the backplate Mike wanted his family crest.”

Tugnutt, a native of Scarborough, Ontario, holds the record for the highest regular season save percentage in Senators history, tied with only legend Dominik Hasek (the two both boast a .925 over a single season, with Tugnutt recording the statistic in the 1998-99 season). He’s also known for his iconic win over the Buffalo Sabres in the final game of the 1996-97 regular season, after which he honored his father – propelling his team to the playoffs and commemorating his late father, who had passed away not long before the game.

Here are a couple more looks at the mask:

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For more impressive work from Marsolais, check out her Twitter, official website, or Facebook page. 

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