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Mike Smith’s New (Wile E.) Coyotes Mask

Mike Smith’s New (Wile E.) Coyotes Mask


Mike Smith Phoenix Mask

Mike Smith has been turning heads in the desert with his mask and his play (InGoal file photo)

InGoal originally debuted Mike Smith’s updated Wile E. Coyote mask in February, but with Phoenix up 2-0 on the Nashville Predators and Smith a (way) early front runner for the Conn Smythe Trophy as playoff MVP, we thought we’d put it back atop the site for all to enjoy again. It certainly deserves the extra attention, because like Smith it’s one of the best in the NHL this season.

Mike Smith of the Phoenix Coyotes is the hottest goalie in the league, earning the NHLs first star last week while recording four wins, a 0.74 goals-against average and a 0.975 save percentage. Today artist David Arrigo is releasing photos of Smith’s “Coyote II – Revenge of the Yote” mask.

Smith began the season with Wile E. Coyote playing goal in retro equipment on his lid, a theme the Coyotes’ keeper came up with himself before handing the artwork over to Arrigo. This new mask features Wile E. in updated gear to match Smith’s own Reebok P4s, but the other change is far more significant for Looney Tunes fans.

“On this one the unthinkable happens,” Arrigo told InGoal in an email. “He gets the Roadrunner!”

Yes, the Roadrunner finally meets his demise, and it’s at the hands of (you guessed it) an Acme goal stick.

For more photos of this mask and other David Arrigo art – and there’s a lot more there than just masks as David has been commissioned to do live murals at the Olympics, the NHL All-star game, and the Superbowl, to name a few – please visit his web site and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Mike Smith Phoenix Coyotes Mask 2


Mike Smith Phoenix Coyotes Mask

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  1. Matt

    This might be my favourite mask in the league. I’m a looney tunes fan and a Smitty fan both… This thing is awesome

  2. Matt in Montreal

    WOW! I’m impressed.

    I dig the side perspective of Wile E’s pads and glove. Super-photo-realistic!

    /guess the ‘bare’ look of Price’s new mask is Price’s fault.

  3. Tim

    This is fantastic. Extremely creative. Love that the mask actually tells a story.

  4. Paul

    Still not a fan of arrigo’s work! No depth at all!!! Not to mention all the stickers he uses on his masks!

    • Joe from Chicago

      I wonder what kind of perception problems you have… kidding. But seriously, I’m a big fan of his work, contrary to what you or anybody else might say.

    • question3

      Paul, it seems you and I agree a lot about mask art. I agree with you this time….. again.

      If you’re going to pay hommage to Chuck Jones, at least do your best to stay true to the Chuck Jones style of onion skin 2D animation. Don’t make it look like lifeless, expressionless, 3D renderings. The overuse of shadows was unnecessary.

      Arrigo does sport a fantastic flair for the air brush, but a great artist knows not when to stop adding, but when to stop taking away.

      On a side note, Arrigo needs a better logo, and a good logo says a lot about the level of design skill versus technical skill. This is why good architects should hold a pencil, not a hammer.

  5. Kevin

    I think Wile E is a win for a coyote netminder. Great idea, but in the same style, Lalime’s Marvin the martian was way better than this one! And, I would’ve remove the blue from the chin. I know this is ice, but still!

    But hey, this is opinions.

  6. Pat Roy

    Pheonix still has a team?

    The mask replicates the mess of ownership that’s gone on the last 2+ years there… sheez

    • Max

      Are you out of your mind?

  7. David ARRIGO

    Just wondering what ‘stickers’ you’re referring to, I ensure you, this is nothing but LOVE and paint, in regards to Carey’s mask, goto my site for a full explanation! As well, I have declared this MaskWeek, check out my site, keep the comments coming, I sincerely enjoy em, even Paul’s lol

  8. Rich

    I like it! Especially getting ACME worked in…which was what the first version was missing to make it complete!

    Wish I could afford one for my son, or myself.

  9. NaS

    I really like Smitty’s this year masks, but I don’t think he has to get a new one, since it’s almost the same, did he broke the last pro’s choice?BTW,what does the Acme mean?

  10. Paul Ipolito

    Two Pauls with two different opinions.I do usually prefer a simpler design on any mask, but this is awesome! More mask painters and their customers could use a sense of humor in their designs.”ACME” makes it an instant classic.

  11. paul

    This one may not have the stickers but MANY of the others do!!!! No depth in this mask at all! This could have been done soooo much better!

    • Glenn

      You have no class.

  12. Paul Ipolito

    Then go ahead and show us a better design and excution.We’ll be waiting to comment on your results.

  13. david arrigo

    Ingoal readers have spoken and were listened to!As Kevin mentioned, there may have been a little too much blue, Smitty was listening and agreed, mask will be back in his possession to be worn this weekend, Paul, you maybe right, it could have been done sooo much better, just not by anyone I know of :p

  14. david arrigo

    For those that are interested, starting tomorrow on my site, there will be Retro Mask Thursdays, each week highlighting a mask I completed from the past and a short story behind it;

  15. shawn

    Too bad that David did all that excellent work for nothing. I’m looking forward to the fleur-de-lis job he’ll be doing for Smith for next season.

  16. Kevin

    I love the mask David. I want to get a mask done like this because my late grandfather loved Wile.E.Coyote and had him tearing though sheetmetal on his Ford hot rod pickup truck. Love all of your work

  17. Jocelyn C

    To everyone who likes to easily critic someone else’s work, well let’s just be polite here and say this: how many masks have you done yourselves ?? I’ve done my share myself and believe it or not (i don’t care) it takes a LOT of work and imagination to come up with something great looking AND original… Some of my masks are looked at with awe and some, well, with mixed comments… It’s impossible to satisfy everyone ya know ? All put aside, I do congratulate Dave for his overall work; in my humble opinion, you are one of the best and keep on the good work.

  18. Eddie

    Love this mask!! Fun, creative, perfect for the Yotes stopper.


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