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Mike Smith’s Phoenix Coyotes Mask

Mike Smith’s Phoenix Coyotes Mask

Wile E. Coyote featured on Coyote goalie’s mask

This one isn’t your average goalie mask – Mike Smith’s first Coyotes helmet is now complete and I think you’ll get the inspiration that artist David Arrigo used for this one! Smitty came up with the theme and then David gave it the style. We love the back plate especially – go have a look!

Smitty’s helmet was custom built for him by Dom Malerba at Pro’s Choice.

For those wondering, the name across the top is honouring Mike’s new son.

Mike Smith Phoenix Coyotes Goalie Mask

Thoughts? Hit the comments below! and please take a minute to check out David’s new web site and let him know what you think. You can also follow him on twitter @Darrigoart and find him on Facebook at

Check out all the shots in the gallery below:

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  1. Ryan

    Very cool concept and execution. And maybe I am missing something but why is it A. Smith instead of M. Smith?

    • Thomas

      “For those wondering, the name across the top is honouring Mike’s new son.”

  2. David Hutchison

    A. Smith is Mike’s new son

  3. Raymond

    This is awesome!!! I love that Wylie Coyote has on some old school goalie equipment! Plus, he’s got the roadrunner feathers in his mouth! Great concept/design! He’s only missing an acme box of goalie tricks! hahahaha

  4. Joe Smith

    Interesting play on the old Patrick Lalime Marvin Mask

  5. Nick H.

    Beyond AWESOME mask! I’m glad to see Mike getting a legit chance at #1 in Phoenix, this is likely a make-or-break season for him.

  6. Sven K

    Nice design! /like

  7. Matt in Montreal

    Hahahaha. That’s great!

  8. Paul Ipolito

    One of the best masks of the new season!

  9. Randy Obandy

    Totally stole Mikael Tellqvist’s idea! Google image search it! Tellqvist had the idea first. Nice try Shmitty!

  10. IrbesGoaliePads

    Brutal.. if I cant tell whats happening on a mask after looking at it for 10 seconds, it’s bad. Almost a nice mask.. ALMOST.

  11. Trevor

    Ha wiley the coyote playing goalie

  12. Will

    Always a Looney Tune fan, this is great! Wish they had the technology when I was still playing. Go get ’em yotes!

  13. callifornia

    Omg!!!! To damn awsome. I love the mask but really love that u have ur sons name on it. Xoxo

  14. Z

    Awesome Helmet!