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Moustache Mask: Luongo becomes Johnny Canuck

Moustache Mask: Luongo becomes Johnny Canuck

Luongo Moustache-4

Roberto Luongo has transformed himself into Johnny Canuck – moustache and all – for charity.

Luongo debuted a new mask by his long-time painter, Marlene Ross, at practice on Friday, and said afterwards that he will auction it off at the end of the month for charity.

“It’s for Movember, so I am going to be auctioning it off the end of month,” Luongo said, joking that the moustache on the mask saves him from having to grow one himself.

“Just not sure when I am going to be using it yet. It’s going to be tough for it to get into the lineup the way the other mask is playing right now so we’ll see how it goes.”

The mask features a toque, complete with a pom-pom on the top, and the Johnny Canuck beard and moustache over Luongo’s own facial features.

“It’s the Johnny Canuck head, something that I’ve grown accustomed to having on my mask over the years,” he said.

Just click any of the images below to see a slideshow of the new mask:

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  1. Paul Ipolito

    Roberto might just be the coolest guy in hockey.

  2. Allan

    Great mask, great cause!

  3. FinFan

    Maybe he should keep that mask and auction the other. In any case it’s always great to see a guy who does something for charity.

  4. Warren Shapiro

    Kool colors now play like you mean it. Bring the team a Stanley Cup. Then you can be real cool.

    • Paul Ipolito

      Have you read the Sports page lately? I think he is playing “like he means it” I also didn’t know a goalie can win a Cup on their own. Unless of course we are talking about Kate Van Gate.

      • Warren Shapiro

        His goal is to keep the pucks out of the net. And I know hockey is a team sport but you have to have good goaltending to win the Stanley Cup.

  5. Ian Wotherspoon

    Definitely a different looking mask. I’m sure that Jacques Plante would be happy to see that he’s had a toque painted on it because of the toque he used to wear while playing before he played in the NHL. I also like why he had it painted in this way but, if he wants to get some good dollars for it when he puts it up for auction he has to wear it in at least one game. It would be the same if you were bidding on a stick used in a game as compared to the same stick never used byt the player. I own several sticks that have been used and signed by the player or goalie.

    Let the bidding begin………