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New Henrik Lundqvist Rangers Mask

New Henrik Lundqvist Rangers Mask
lundqvist glitter mask

Henrik Lundqvist's new mask has enough glitter to make Barbie blush

Well-known for his love of fashion, Henrik Lundqvist changes masks as often as anyone in the game, although always sticking close to his tried and true Rangers theme. Indeed, if there was one guy you might expect to have a personal design more reflecting his own image, rather than his team, it would be King Henrik. But there may be no better match of persona and team in the league, as Lundqvist seems like he was born to play in New York, so bearing the Statue of Liberty and the Rangers logos on his lid may indeed be fitting.

This latest design by long-time Lundqvist artist Dave Gunnarson of Sweden reflects (literally) Gunnarsons recent move to including more and more glitter in his designs. Consider, for example, Andrew Raycroft of the Dallas Stars. The new Rangers mask has, as one media pundit noted, enough glitter to make Barbie blush, and would have looked sharp in New York’s Studio 54 days. Gunnarsson notes,

Lots of glitter in the design makes it stand out in an extra-ordinary way, just like it should when you are the King Of Manhattan.

Whatever you think, it’s classic Daveart bold graphics and impeccable technical work.

If you’ve seen a Daveart mask up close you’ll see that his designs include layers of extreme detail that are as impressive live as they are difficult to see in photos – but look closely to see if you can find them. In Dave’s own words:

Clean lines tie whole together and make it a clear experience when seen from a long distance, but when you check it more close you discover a new world of extreme detail work. DAVEART Holographix FX lifts the 3-D feeling, and the lightning is a natural ingredient that electrifies the design.


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  1. Ron Leba

    While not entirely a huge fan of all the glitter, the mask stands out and catches the eye as well as slams home the message the “King Henrik” is in your face and you should bow to his goalie prowess.