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Ondrej Pavelec gets fresh start with retro mask

Ondrej Pavelec gets fresh start with retro mask

It’s a new year for Ondrej Pavelec – and for the first time since hitting the NHL with the then-Atlanta Thrashers in 2007, it’s going to be with a new team.

Pavelec left the Winnipeg Jets this summer in free agency, parting on less-than-ideal terms after winding up in the AHL over 300 games into his career with the franchise. He’ll now spend at least one year as a true backup, earning starts for the New York Rangers only when the iconic Henrik Lundqvist is unable to start himself.

It isn’t the situation that Pavelec wants to be in at age 30, but it’s still a great opportunity for a fresh start after things got stale in Manitoba. And, of course, he’ll get a chance to show off his stuff under goaltending coach Benoit Allaire with a brand-new mask.

This is yet another collaboration between Pavelec and Dave Gunnarsson of DaveArt, who has designed his masks for years. Where the two normally come up with fresh new concepts, though, this one is a little bit more retro:

“Ondrej Pavelec’s new New York Rangers mask is created in a clean and classic vintage style, all inspired from the beautiful team logo,” Gunnarsson posted on Instagram.

It certainly is clean and classic, with crisp blue ribbons crossing the sides and top of the mask and red and white backgrounds. There’s no hidden Statue of Liberty or panel of fireworks, no incorporated skylines or street vendors or maps of the subway forming a collage on the mask, instead letting the only decorations come in the form of the greyscale New York Rangers logos on either side of Pavelec’s number.

The design is a classic DaveArt mask, though, with plenty of detail despite the simplicity of the design.

Closer inspection reveals that the ribbons of blue, boasting the words ‘New York’ on the top panel and ‘Rangers’ on each side stripe, are actually depicted in the form of blue New York street signs – taking advantage of the newer blue Manhattan signage with the team’s colors, although the original city sign colors were yellow and green.

There’s plenty of holographic dimension to the mask, and the bottom part of the lid is such a crisp white that it almost looks like an old vintage mask in itself.

For fans who love the symbols peppered through some masks, this one may not be their cup of tea – but for those looking for an excellent rendition of a classic design, this is absolutely perfect.

For more of Gunnarsson’s incredible work, check out his TwitterInstagram, or official website.

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