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Ondrej Pavelec: Winnipeg Jets, The Saga Continues, 2012.

Ondrej Pavelec: Winnipeg Jets, The Saga Continues, 2012.

For his 2o12 mask from Dave Gunnarsson, of,  Ondrej Pavelec wanted to to continue the Canadian Airforce theme found on his 2011 mask.

Dave writes this about his design:  “I came up with the base design idea when the new team logos were presented to me last summer. Ondrej loved my ideas. The wings spread out on each side in a powerful way, both look good on a distance and close up, and the closer you come the more details you will discover.”


Some of the new features found on this mask are the flight control panel on the right side of the mask, a Canadian fighter jet on the left, and his number 31 on the chin.

While the top and the sides of the mask feature stylistic logos of the Winnepeg Jets, the front of the mask is designed to look like  “an old school fighter jet front with its special classic painting with eyes and teeth.”


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  1. Kevin

    Sweet mask M. Gunnarsson!

  2. Pat Roy

    Is that a flying pig on the left side of the mask?

    • Riley

      That does look like a pig!

    • cedric

      No it’s not a pig, if you zoom in you can see it’s a jet.

  3. mikew



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