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Ottawa Parliament makes appearance on Danny Taylor mask

Ottawa Parliament makes appearance on Danny Taylor mask

After four seasons overseas, veteran goaltender Danny Taylor is making his way back to North America.

The 31-year-old former Los Angeles Kings draft selection inked a one-year, two-way deal with the Ottawa Senators this summer, bringing his absolutely stellar KHL numbers back to North America after an extended stay across the pond.

With a new team comes a new mask, of course – so Taylor got together with Sylvie Marsolais of Sylabrush, who revealed to InGoal how her team came up with the concept for the design:

“Danny wanted a design that could be seen from afar, with big logos and lines,” Marsolais told InGoal.

“Alex came out with this original idea of two overlapping groups of lines coming across the top of the mask, crossing to create more deepness & complexity to the design.”

“We always want to create some unique design for each of our goalies because it’s a part of their identity, they’re all different,” she added.

While the big, bold design is a lot of fun to look at, with the Ottawa logo on both sides and the AHL’s Belleville Senators ‘B’ symbol on the very top, the little details are what really make the mask special. As Marsolais pointed out, the chin has a subtly-sketched scene on it, where Marsolais depicted the Ottawa Parliament & Rideau Canal for a bit of extra detail to balance things out.

The mask is completed with a backplate designed to flow right into the rest of the mask, although Taylor’s three children make a nice appearance as well.

Take a look at the different angles of the design:

For more awesome work from Marsolais, check out her websiteTwitter feed and Instagram page

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