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Pekka Rinne Turns Into Mecha Finnish Lion For World Cup Mask

The Predator-barely-contained-by-his-mask that has formed the core of Pekka Rinne’s paint jobs for years now is getting a Finnish-lion treatment in this new World Cup of Hockey mask by Dave Gunnarson of DaveArt. The lion rampant is a symbol of the Finnish nation and the team is known as the Leijonat (Lions) in Finland.

As usual on Rinne’s masks, we see the beast’s blue fur and glowing eyes, along with an intimidating set of fangs. Perhaps the beast has always been a Finnish lion behind its various disguises? This time, however, the lion has strapped on a new mecha-inspired mask that is already scratched and battered.

Among the details Gunnarson has added are the three-star “guitar pick” secondary logo of Rinne’s Nashville Predators, a Finnish flag on the crown, and the World Cup logo. The mask also has some cool glow in the dark effects.

Rinne will be one of the three goaltenders on the roster for the Finnish national team, along with Mikko Koskinen and Tuukka Rask, at this year’s World Cup of Hockey, being held in Toronto in September.

For more of Dave Gunnarson’s mask art check out his website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Instagram.


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