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Pens Goalie Marc-Andre Fleury’s 2010-2011 Mask

Pens Goalie Marc-Andre Fleury’s 2010-2011 Mask

Pittsburgh’s Fleury refreshes his mask with an intense “flower”

Marc-Andre Fleury Pittsburgh Mask Stephane Bergeron KEn Denardo photo

Ken DeNardo photo

InGoal is thrilled to present the latest incredible mask by Stephane Bergeron of LaGriffe Originale. Stephane sent this along today as well as a shot of him working on the mask, right after finishing the design via phone with Fleury.Marc-Andre likes the 1970’s style pens logo on the left of the mask and you can see that Stephane has taken is “flower” goalie to a whole new level of intensity!

Marc-Andre Fleury new mask

image courtesy of Stephane Bergeron, all rights reserved

Here is Stephane putting the finishing touches on the artwork.

Stephane Bergeron La Griffe Originale Goalie MAsk Artist

Stephane also sent along this mask that he is especially proud of. Can you name the four goaltending icons on the mask? Bragging rights to the first person who leaves a comment with all four correct.

goalie mask four icons

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  1. James

    Roy, Plante, Brodeur, and…. Worsley???

  2. Kevin

    Roy, Plante, Brodeur, and Sawchuk.

  3. mike rossa

    Patrick Roy, Martin Brodeur, Jacques Plante, Terry sawchuk

    • David Hutchison

      Correct and well done! Roy, Plante, Brodeur, and Sawchuk

  4. mike rossa

    Do i get 2nd place reward?

  5. David Hutchison

    Silver medal bragging rights!

  6. R McIntyre

    Roy, Plante, Brodeur and Sawchuk

  7. paul szabo

    Others have already beat me to the punch, but it is worth mentioning this: the actual photo of Sawchuk’s face (Life Magazine, March 4 1966) is stunning- severe, haunting, noble. That face full of scars is apparently what inspired Gerry Cheevers to put the scars on his own mask.

  8. Big G

    I went to Life magazine to find the pic & this was posted under it.

    Pro. Hockey goalie Terry Sawchuk wearing fake scars & wounds applied by make-up artist to simulate injuries accumulated in 16 yrs. of professional hockey.