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Peter Budaj Brings “Three Storms” to Montreal with New Mask

Peter Budaj Brings “Three Storms” to Montreal with New Mask

Dave Gunnarsson of helps Budaj mix the old with the new for his 2011-2012 Canadiens’ mask.

For his new mask Budaj “wanted the Three Storms, the three Asian super wizards with the mega hats from the super movie Big Trouble in Little China… He also wanted Asian mysticism all over the mask, mixed with an old school Habs design.”



Each side of the mask features one Storm shooting magic (glow in the dark!) bolts, an imposing Chinese stone dragon with red glowing eyes, and the traditional blues and reds of the Habs uniforms.


In order to fit the theme of the mask a Dave has transformed mild mannered Ned Flanders, one of Budaj’s traditional mask details, into one of the three Storms (Pictured Below).

In order to round out the Asian theme Dave has also included an Asian scroll with Budaj’s number, a Chinese lion guardian,  and “if you look close in the white lines of the mask you find small dragons and ying and yang.”

To see other masks Dave has created for Budaj click here.

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  1. Matt in Montreal

    Budja must be one weird dude.

    Gunnarsson does another great job!

  2. Nick H.

    The mask looks nice. I’m not sure I get the movie theme, I guess I have to assume it’s his favorite at this point in time? Glad to see he kept Ned, there were rumors it’d be coming off.

  3. Mark

    Outstanding mask! But what’s up with Ned Flanders?

  4. Steve Reschke

    Big Trouble in Little China is quick possibly one of the greatest action movies to come out of the 80’s, making this quite possibly one of the greatest paint themes. Think I’ll go home and watch that movie again tonight.