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Philipp Grubauer transforms his mask into HFC tribute

Philipp Grubauer transforms his mask into HFC tribute

Washington Capitals backup goaltender Philipp Grubauer is nothing if not a creature of habit with his mask designs.

He revealed his 2017-18 design earlier this fall as an almost direct continuation of his last few masks, making some subtle changes to the ‘Desolation of Grubi’ series by mask artist Dave Gunnarsson – but keeping the design, by and large, incredibly familiar for his fans.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that his newest mask is eerily similar to the one he’s been wearing all year so far. As a matter of fact, the design itself is identical.

He got the new lid commissioned, though, for an excellent cause:

Gunnarsson, who heads mask art company DaveArt, revealed the mask on Friday just in time for the NHL’s Hockey Fights Cancer month – taking the design he created in September and transforming it into a purple lid to raise awareness for cancer research.

The stars and stripes on the sides still pop, perhaps even more so with the two-toned aspect of the current design, and the sketched elements remain with the Capitals eagle logo on the top and Grubauer’s nickname on the chin. The team logo is still interspersed throughout the background with Gunnarsson’s signature Holosphere FX paint, and the attention to detail remains with the subtle shading of the stars and flag stripes rippling in the wind.

Where Grubauer’s mask is normally a heavily patriotic red, white, and blue, though, this one is all purple – making no mistake that it’s in honor of all the cancer awareness the NHL pushes during the upcoming month.

This isn’t Grubauer’s only effort made to help with the search for a cure, either. He also got involved in the October Saves initiative this month, pledging money for every save he made over the first few weeks of the year – so it’s certainly nice to see him keeping up with his positive behaviour.

For more of Gunnarsson’s excellent work, check out his official websiteTwitter account, or Instagram.

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